Sep 13, 2018

Parish Ministry Intern

  • St Teresa of Avila Church
  • 306 Morris Avenue, Summit, NJ, USA
Intern Ministry, Pastoral

Job Description

The STA Mission offers a unique experience for young people looking to grow their faith and use their gifts in service of the Catholic Church through various parish ministries. The STA Mission is an intentional faith-based community designed to focus on evangelization through pastoral ministry. Residents live in a community with an emphasis on developing Gospel values, personally and with those to whom they minister.

The STA Internship community seeks to embody the living Gospel of Jesus Christ and share the Good News in the world by developing, embracing and fostering the work of a vibrant Catholic parish.

The STA Internship Community will:

Live in an intentional residential community in mutual support that also provides a spiritual home for the residents as well as hosts gatherings for the wider community; offer hospitality and good examples of faith for seekers; focus on Scripture, especially the four Gospels, for conversion of life for oneself and those encountered; celebrate the sacraments in the context of the parish community; support one another's work and service both in the parish and local community; govern themselves under the supervision of the Pastor and Pastoral Associate to live with mutual accountability according to respective responsibilities.

Each member of the team will have a unique and distinct project for the months of engagement, including, but not limited to: Faith Formation, Young Adult Ministry, Social Outreach or Administration.

Applicants must: Be a practicing Roman Catholic; have attained or working towards a Bachelor's Degree; possess emotional and spiritual maturity; have a willingness to live in a community; provide 20 hours of service per week; commit to serving 6-12 months.

Preference will be given to candidates who: Are bi-lingual, can sing or play a musical instrument; have a similar job or life experience.

Applicants will be able to work part-time provided the job does not interfere with his/her community responsibilities. Room, board, and a small stipend will be provided. Each candidate must also provide his/her own health insurance.

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