May 17, 2023

SPRED Milwaukee Outreach Specialist

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Job Description

SPRED-Special Religious Development Outreach Specialist
Seeking dynamic Catholic person to bring a religious development, community-building Catholic program for children and adults with developmental disabilities, called SPRED (Special Religious Development) to churches. Become trained in the SPRED model and lead parishes through the process of creating a SPRED group. This is a full-time position with hours
per week depending on the demands of the day, but averages 35-40 hours per week. Some evening and weekend work is necessary.  Candidate must have their own transportation.

The SPRED Outreach Specialist works with parishes to form small SPRED faith communities for children and adults with developmental disabilities to help them know God along with becoming prepared to participate in the liturgical life of their parish and receive the sacraments. The SPRED  Outreach Specialist will work collaboratively and report to SPRED Partners, a 501(c) (3).
Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Attend trainings in Chicago:
Orientation to SPRED for Core Team members & Role Training for Core Team Members
Helper Catechist training will be in Milwaukee.
2. Observe two SPRED sessions: one in Milwaukee, one in Chicago.
3. Volunteer as a catechist in a Milwaukee SPRED group.
4. Must complete the archdiocese Safe Environment Program, along with a background check.
5. Attend continuing education in Chicago during the summer or other training in Chicago as offered.
6. Attend Milwaukee Annual Parish Chair meeting in spring.
7. Attend and eventually run animation or start-up meetings at parishes.
8. Familiarize oneself with the SPRED community.
9. As most communication is via email, email must be checked several times daily and responded to within 24 hours.
SPRED Growth:
Assist parishes in the process of forming small SPRED faith communities to provide appropriate catechesis for persons with developmental and intellectual challenges. Animate SPRED through informational presentations in small and large settings and lead new parishes through the process of starting a SPRED group. Recruit new parishes to establish SPRED:
this involves:
1. Establishing relationships with Priests, Directors of Religious Education (DRE’s) or other appropriate person in the parish to identify need.
2. Schedule and invite interested parties to observe a SPRED session at Three Holy Women or Christ King Parish, both in Milwaukee.
3. Send invites to other parishes/deaconries, etc.
4. Work with SPRED Partners board to determine new parishes to introduce and train in the SPRED model.
5. Coordinate and schedule parish trainings. Train at least 4 to 5 parishes a year.
6. Help with fundraising.
1. Communicate and collaborate with SPRED leadership teams: SPRED Administrative Coordinator, and SPRED Partners Inc. Mentor, along with families of participants and catechists of existing and new groups. Attend three to four meetings per year with SPRED leadership team.
2. Work with SPRED leadership team to determine SPRED trainings, workshops and enrichment needs. SPRED Administrative Coordinator will schedule, coordinate and support trainers. Assist a trainer if needed.
3. Maintain relationship with SPRED Partners and Chicago SPRED.

4. Write a monthly report of activities for SPRED Partners.
1. Market SPRED by maintaining fliers, brochures, articles, bulletin announcements, posters, emails, and start-up packets as needed.
2. Work with Administrative Coordinator to update websites.
3. Write or facilitate the writing of at least two grants per year with organizations such The Knights of Columbus and The Catholic Community Foundation.
Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:
1. Active Confirmed Catholic able to participate fully in the sacramental life of the Church.
2. College education preferred.
3. Experience or interest in being involved in a parish.
4. Must be a self-starter with excellent organizational skills, communication skills both written and verbal, along with good personal relation skills. Applicant must be comfortable with speaking to both small and large groups along with religious figures. It is vital that the applicant embrace the mission of SPRED and the needs of people with developmental disabilities and their families.
5. The position requires very good computer skills, must be competent in Microsoft Office, Google applications along with being familiar with Excel, email and applications for mass emails along with text messaging. It is important the applicant have the ability to learn new applications quickly.
6. Applicant will be marketing SPRED and should be comfortable using social media, have grant writing skills, familiar with a data projector and willing to learn digital technology as needed.
Preferred Traits:
1. We are looking for someone who is faith filled, excited to bring the catholic faith to children and adults with developmental disabilities along with being reliable, self-motivated, energetic , trustworthy, compassionate and diplomatic.
Availability and Probationary period:
1. Must be able to work evenings and weekends as needed and be able to drive and use own car.
2. Evaluation of work performance and satisfaction will begin 3 months after hire and training.
Type: Annual
Additional Information:
Employment Type:
Full Time with health benefits
To learn more about SPRED go to:
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Email cover letter, resume and references to Eileen Wingenter:
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