May 19, 2023

Bilingual Director of Evangelization and Faith Formation

  • St. Anne Catholic Church
  • St Anne Catholic Church, 2801 South Seneca Street, Wichita, KS, USA
Full time Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, Youth Religious Education

Job Description

The position is full-time and is expected to begin early to mid July. Applicants must be fluent in both English and Spanish and have experience in parish ministry. See below for more information. Interested candidates may submit a resume, cover letter, and references to Fr. David Marstall, Pastor, 2801 S Seneca, Wichita, KS 67217 or email Applications must be received by Tuesday June 20, 2023.

The Director of Evangelization and Faith Formation will serve the parish community of St. Anne in Wichita, Kansas. The Director will continue to develop comprehensive catechesis and evangelization for all parishioners-children, youth, adults, and families. The Director will work in collaboration with the parish staff, and will be responsible to the Pastor.

Evangelization and Faith Formation at St. Anne
• St. Anne is a parish of roughly 1,200 registered families in Southwest Wichita. Our families are approximately 45% Anglo, 45% Hispanic, 8% Vietnamese, and 2% other. We operate a parochial school, which about 20% of the children in the parish attend.

• PSR is held on Sunday mornings for public school students k-8. There are 80-100 students in PSR each year preparing for First Communion as well as another 50-100 students participating in classes for their grade level. This year we have been piloting a program for First Communion in which a small group of parents participate with their children, with the greater goal of teaching parents how to teach the faith to their children. It has been successful and we are learning things to make improvements for next year. All our catechists and PSR director are volunteers. Religious sisters work to help form the catechists. The Director of Evangelization and Faith Formation will become the PSR director.

• Youth Group meets year-round every week and is highly catechetical in nature.

• We are in the process of developing and implementing a process for preparing couples for the Baptism of a child. The Director of Evangelization and Faith Formation will help to continue developing the program and train mentors.

• We use ChristLife to help bring adults (including RCIA candidates) into a life of discipleship and then move into ongoing, bi-weekly discipleship groups.

• Ongoing Adult Faith Formation is offered through a variety of programs, presentations, and special events according to the needs of our parishioners.

• This year, we will have more than 300 adults involved in faith formation activities. In the past, they have been coordinated and led by the Pastor and Parochial Vicar. The Director of Evangelization and Faith Formation will work to coordinate all activities and assume a more direct role in some, according to their strengths and availability.

Areas of Responsibility
• The Director will encourage all adults in the parish to recognize their role as disciple-makers of others.

• The Director will encourage all people to answer their call to holiness and discipleship in living for Jesus Christ through proclamation of the Gospel, witnessing through testimony, and service to all souls in the boundaries of the parish.

• The Director will recruit and train catechists in faith formation and disciple-making.

• The Director will work with the pastor, youth ministry team, and other related parish services to conduct activities and/or experiences, which supplement formal catechesis and evangelization programs like ChristLife.

• The Director should recognize that effective catechesis involves "family ministry" and should find creative methods of incorporating all people of the parish and their families into all aspects and of parish life, both in and outside the walls of the church.

• The Director should work with parents to assist them in their role of forming their children in the faith.

Parish Relationships
• The Director will be accountable directly to the Pastor.

• As a member of the parish staff, the Director should participate in regularly scheduled staff meetings, Parish Council meetings and be present at all systematic evangelization efforts of the parish (Religious Education/PSR, RCIA, ChristLife, etc.).

• The Director should act as the official liaison between the parish and the Office of Faith Formation for the Catholic Diocese of Wichita. He/She is responsible for keeping the policies of the Diocese in reference to safe environment, insurance, etc., and should make applicable diocesan faith formation programs available to the parish. The Director of Faith Formation should also be willing to collaborate with other faith formation coordinators at parishes throughout the diocese.

• Candidates for the position of Director of Evangelization and Faith Formation should have at least a Bachelor's Degree in religious education, theology, evangelization, or a related field. At minimum, candidate should always be willing to pursue their own further formation in evangelization and catechesis.

• Candidates should have some formal training in Faith Formation and Evangelization, along with experience working in a parish setting.

• Candidates should have a sense of parish ministry and the ability to represent and give witness to the Catholic faith. Candidates should have excellent communication skills in both English and Spanish.

• Candidates should be willing to be a team member and have the ability to work with the parish staff, and to recruit, train, and assemble a volunteer team of the parish to assist in the evangelization efforts of the parish.

• Candidates must be proficient in the use of computers and other electronic media.

Weekly Expectations
• Personal holiness is the most effective means of evangelization. Personal prayer, living one's vocations, and ongoing formation are expected. The time and energy required to by zealous ministry should not come at the cost of personal holiness or long-term apostolic availability.

• The Director of Evangelization and Faith Formation is expected to have regular office hours, and meet weekly coordinating the faith formation and evangelization efforts of the parish.

• The Director is expected to work approximately forty hours per week and to log every hour worked. This will include Sunday and three or four days during the week. It will normally involve being present at evening faith formation events during the week.

• Should the Director of Faith Formation work more than forty hours due to events that require more time, the Director may take that many hours off the following week.

• Even if there are many hours required (weeklong parish efforts, etc.) to be taken off, there is an expectation that for a minimum ONE day per week, the Director will be in the office during normal hours.

• The Director will work on Sundays, coordinating programs and being available to meet with parishioners before and after Mass.

Salary and Benefits
• The Director of Faith Formation will be paid an annual salary commensurate with professional experience and/or educational background.

• We provide health insurance, retirement, life insurance and disability insurance in accord with the Catholic Diocese of Wichita employee benefits plan.

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