May 23, 2023

Social Studies Teacher

  • Pope John Paul II Preparatory School
Full time Education: Middle/High School

Job Description

Rooted in our Catholic faith and inspired by the Renaissance talents of our namesake, Pope John Paul II Preparatory School prepares students to be strong in mind, body, character, and service—discovering their God-given talents and using them to serve both the local and global community. We seek a social studies teacher who shares this vision of developing students holistically while also embracing the Historian Carl Becker’s challenge to “create a useable sense of the past.” In collaboratively creating courses that are skills-based and organized around training practicing student-historians, our ideal candidate will believe in using history to help students develop critical thinking skills, particularly by asking students to interpret primary sources and historiographical debates through discussion-oriented classes and through writing.

Although finding an excellent social studies teacher is our top priority, we value candidates who can model the Renaissance model we have for students (e.g., coaching, leading a major club, involvement with service, etc.).  Our ideal candidate will desire to:

  • Develop writers and critical thinkers through thesis-driven writing that emphasizes analytical engagement with evidence through a scaffolded approach that asks students to form arguments, reason with evidence, and analyze the complexities of historical evidence.
  • Collaborate with departmental members to implement teaching and assessment practices that are rooted in pedagogical research and align with the four-year vision the social studies department has for each student.  
  • Embrace our team teaching model where teachers are given the same course work to create shared assessments and course objectives to provide equitable experiences for students and collaborate to continually improve the learning experiences for students—while embracing the unique strengths and teaching styles of each team member.
  • Build interdisciplinary connections across departments helping students understand the synthesis of knowledge.
  • Partner with department chairs and academic leadership in making changes to any given class that fit within the broader scope of the four-year curricula and the broader Renaissance vision of creating scholars and people of character and faith.
  • Share teaching practices to actively contribute to the dynamic professional learning communities with each department.
  • Participate in professional development to continue to grow as an educator.

Pope John Paul II Preparatory School boasts an elite faculty who approach teaching as a vocation, putting the needs of each student first with an optimistic/growth mindset vision that meets students where they are while holding high standards for the students/people they can become. Our educational vision is not simply a four-year one but one that seeks to create transformative experiences to prepare students for their lives and careers beyond college. We seek a candidate whose passion for teaching students to develop life-long skills within this broader faculty and who seeks to share their gifts to positively inspire students to become not just better history students but better people.

At Pope Prep, we welcome faculty, students, and families of diverse faiths and backgrounds. We encourage all interested candidates to apply for the position by submitting the following supporting documents to Onnessia Head, Social Studies Department Chair (

  • A cover letter that includes but is not limited to the following:
    • Your interest in our 6-12 grade community
    • Your desire to teach in a faith-based school
    • Your contributions outside of the classroom
    • Your passions that make you unique
  • A resume that emphasizes educational and professional experiences
  • A statement of teaching philosophy 

Located just north of Nashville, Pope John Paul II Preparatory School is a part of the Diocese of Nashville and offers competitive compensation and benefits. 

Pope John Paul II Preparatory School does not discriminate based on race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, age, or sex.  

We look forward to reviewing your application. 

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