Jul 13, 2023

Philadelphia Program Director

  • Christ in the City
  • Philadelphia, PA, USA
Full time Admin-Clerical Ministry, Campus Ministry, Young Adult Mission Work Nonprofit Other

Job Description



Philadelphia Program Director

Job Description

Time: Full time, 40 hours per week
Reports to: Managing Director                                                                                                                                                                     Salary range:$50,000 - $54,000
Supervises: Missionaries, House Facilitators, and Outreach Coordinator

Position Purpose and Summary:

  • Directs the daily activities and ministry of the missionaries and oversees their performance. Is responsible for missionaries’ duties and internship hours. Is available to receive the missionaries who want to speak about the program.
  • Oversees everything related to scheduling, maintenance, guests, and House Facilitators.
  • Oversees the Outreach Coordinator and the services Christ in the City offers to the community in Philadelphia.
  • Oversees and mentors the missionaries in his or her team
  • Works as a team with the Head Formator.
  • Supervises and coordinates all matters that involve missionaries working under staff members.
  • Along with the Executive Director, Director of Formation, and the Managing Director, the Program Director shares the responsibility to preserve the mission and spirit of Christ in the City in all of its programs and services.
  • Is responsible for all Christ in the City programs schedules and organizing missionaries events, retreats, excursions, trips, and outings in Philadelphia.
  • Is responsible for maintenance and supplies.
  • Works to ensure that all guests, missionaries, applicants, and visitors are welcomed and taken care of while they are at Christ in the City. Helps and trains the missionaries in welcoming our guests.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Programs

  • Assist creating and managing Philadelphia’s program budget with the Managing Director.
  • Assist the Head Formator with scheduling and communications with the missionaries.
  • Organize outings, community events, and trips for the missionaries

Year of Service Program

  • With the Managing Director, organize and oversee the missionary program.
  • Oversee missionaries performance in their internships.
  • Responsible for all communications within the missionary community.
  • Ensure that the guidelines of missionary life are being followed.
  • Communicate periodically to the formators about the wellbeing of the missionaries.
  • Is responsible for the Philadelphia missionaries fundraising training and final results.

Summer of Service and Mission Trip Programs

  • Plan and direct Philadelphia programs.
  • Manage missionaries leading these programs.

House Responsibilities

  • Is responsible in ensuring the guidelines of missionary life are followed
  • Manage and oversee guest approvals
  • Oversee welcome of guests
  • Oversee and manage cooking and cleaning
  • Maintain inventory of food and house supplies
  • Oversee missionary house assignments
  • Oversee maintenance of the house and vehicles


  • Meet periodically with staff under supervision to give direction, feedback, and keep track of goals.
  • Coordinate with the Managing Director in order to evaluate employees, missionaries, and organization performance.
  • Empower missionaries to take responsibility for their jobs and goals.


  • Connect with the Alumni in Philadelphia with the help of the Community Engagement Manager and Outreach Coordinator
  • Creatively share Christ in the City’s mission with those who reach out to us.
  • Network in Philadelphia to continue growth and reach of Christ in the City including

development relationships with the Development Director.

Other Responsibilities

·      Helps in planning events (Annual Celebration coordination, other networking events) making sure our guests are being welcomed and well served.

  • At Christ in the City, we work as a family and at times, other areas of the program may need extra assistance. The Program Director will need to be available to help out wherever is needed at any given time.
  • Maintain Christ in the City’s official relationships with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and other organizations.

Specific Skills/Training Required:

  • Excellent communication skills especially with young adults.
  • Leadership
  • Servant leadership style that supports missionaries and staff, helps where is needed (ie cleaning, cooking, others tasks), etc.
  • Problem resolution
  • Decision- making skills
  • Welcoming and proactive personality
  • Able to delegate
  • Able to manage many things at one time
  • Emotional Maturity
  • Is familiarized with community life (ie. Consecrated life, former CIC missionary or similar program)
  • Ability to create a climate of collaboration, openness, friendship and familiarity.
  • Ability to create a faithful and devout environment.
  • Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from staff, donors, clients, customers and the general public.
  • Accessible to formators, staff and missionaries.
  • Christian leadership, with charity and joy.
  • Have a true desire to serve the poor and people in need.
  • Ability to interact effectively as a team member.
  • Ability for humble recognition of shortcomings, failures and mistakes.

General Skills Required:

  • Able to organize large groups of people
  • Trustworthy and can keep confidential information
  • Able to empathize with missionaries and staff
  • Creative
  • Organized
  • Active listener
  • Proficiency in modern office productivity tools (e.g. Microsoft, G Suite, and scheduling programs


Christ in the City seeks applicants who demonstrate a deep knowledge and love for the social and moral teachings of the Catholic Church and manifest those qualities by both their ability to articulate those teachings clearly, and by living their lives faithfully and fully in line with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and its doctrines, morals, and official teachings.


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