Sep 13, 2023

Pro-Life Missionary

  • weDignify
  • Illinois, USA
Full time Entry Level Ministry, Campus Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Young Adult Mission Work Nonprofit

Job Description

A pro-life missionary mentors students to change hearts and save lives. They are on the forefront, forming students into pro-life leaders. Missionaries guide students through 1 on 1 mentoring, teach in small groups, and lead students to pro-life action.

The Pro-Life Missionary program is a two-year service program for college graduates that equips participants to build a culture of life with love, joy, and hope.


Illinois has the highest abortion rate in the Midwest. College-aged women are the largest age group at risk for abortion. Go to a university in Illinois to serve students and the unborn.


Join a team that is united by purpose, puts others first, and is dedicated to the same life-saving mission. Participate in periodic team time with community and shared meals.


As you put your faith into action, it is critical to remain rooted in prayer. The weDignify team grows in holiness and virtue through opportunities for daily prayer, weekly Holy Hours, and semesterly retreats.

All missionaries will have the opportunity to attend the 2024 National Eucharistic Congress!


Form pro-life leaders as students graduate into serving in their future communities. Have a hand in shaping the direction of the pro-life movement as weDignify leads the largest pro-life event in the Midwest.


Time and place are centered around serving students when and where they are. While schedules are set each semester, this is not a 9-5 job nor a desk job. It is a role for transformative relationships!

Start: May 20th, 2024

Location: A college campus in Illinois.

Formation: Comprehensive summer training, weekly mentorship, ongoing pro-life education, & spiritual formation is provided.

Funding: Through a support raising model that provides a salary by fundraising, Pro-Life Missionaries inspire people they know or meet to join with them in weDignify's mission by investing regularly to send the PLM to campus. weDignify provides training to ensure success and stability for the PLM.

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