Jan 30, 2024

Assistant Principal for Student Affairs

  • St. Edmund Preparatory High School
  • Brooklyn, NY, USA
Full time Education: Middle/High School

Job Description

St. Edmund Preparatory High School is actively looking to fill the position of Assistant Principal for Student Affairs for the 2024-2025 school year. The Assistant Principal for Student Affairs overseas academics, discipline and student well-being.  


St. Edmund Preparatory High School is a Roman Catholic college preparatory school for young men and women.  Our mission is to instill the Gospel values in our students so as to empower them to become confident and self-disciplined participants in the ever-changing global society.  We educate according to the needs of each student and challenge each of them to achieve academic excellence through practical learning experiences.


We are accredited by the Middle States Association, the International Baccalaureate and are chartered by the Board of Regents. We are a school of approximately 600 students. In addition to our challenging academic programs we have a vibrant athletic and extracurricular program.

As Members of the St. Edmund Prep Community, we believe in:


Catholic Identity

  • Our faith, and the Catholic identity of our school, is at the core of everything we do.
  • By providing students with a faith-based value system, they will be able to develop a strong sense of self and a moral compass.
  • A family atmosphere provides a safe and respectful environment where students of diverse backgrounds are welcome.

Academic Success

  • Providing an atmosphere of direction and discipline will foster academic excellence.
  • All students can achieve academic success, educated according to his or her individual needs.
  • Academic success is the direct result of active participation in one’s own learning, where each student is taught to become a critical thinker, a problem solver, and a decision maker.

Commitment to the Individual

  • A varied extracurricular program complements the students’ academic course of study, enhancing their creative, technical, and athletic abilities.
  • All learn to respect the variety of cultures and attitudes that make for the richness of life.
  • The responsibility to educate and learn is shared among the faculty, administration, parents, and students.
  • Every individual is a vital part of the community and has a responsibility to give back to that community.


Assistant Principal for Student Affairs


Academic Responsibilities


  • Oversee various aspects of student academic life, including working with students and parents of students who have multiple failures or who are on academic probation. 
  • Work with parents’ individual academic concerns as needed; act as liaison/mediator when necessary between teachers and parents.
  • Coordinate the Academic Council; responsible for scheduling & running council meetings at which school academic policy is addressed.
  • Work directly with Department Coordinators to facilitate reflection and growth within departments; including aiding in developing department meeting agendas, summary report review, curriculum updates, etc.
  • Analyze Regent Exam data and work with individual departments with an eye toward improving overall results.
  • Coordinate collection, review and posting of summer assignments.
  • Supervise teachers and conduct teacher observations.
  • Develop teacher improvement plans and coach developing teachers as necessary.
  • Assist the Principal in moving forward with all academic initiatives (i.e., professional development/use of common planning time). 
  • Communicate with students/parents regarding all aspects of academics, including information regarding examinations, report cards and academic policies.
  • Review of teacher gradebooks for compliance with school policy.
  • Review of failure slips to ensure teacher communications.
  • Meet with parents regarding student failures, academic probation, summer school and exits due to multiple failures.

Student Discipline and Well-Being Responsibilities

  • Working with the Dean of Students in the enforcement of student discipline.
  • Draft and maintain student handbook with current disciplinary and academic policies
  • Draft and maintain student uniform policies; act as primary liaison with school uniform providers.
  • Oversee the handling of major disciplinary incidents, including meeting with parents to determine remediation of behavior or requests for student withdrawal
  • Ensure student supervision/coverage in classrooms, cafeteria and library, including creating building assignments for teachers.
  • Responsible for determining classroom coverages when teachers are absent.
  • Evaluate, draft and maintain Emergency Handbook and Procedures.
  • Manage communications with faculty/staff regarding Emergency Procedures and ALICE training.
  • Liaise with the Director of Guidance to manage serious student health/wellness issues, including excessive absence.
  • Monitor attendance, and work with parents and students to resolve student attendance/truancy issues.
  • Manage various aspects of the assimilation of incoming students, including placement exam, students first day/orientation, communication of schedules/uniform policies, etc. and student locker assignments.
  • Managing and acting as master of ceremonies for the Graduation Ceremony.

Qualifications for application

  • Applicant should be Roman Catholic.
  • Working towards or have completed New York State certification in School Administration and Supervision or the equivalent. 
  • A master's degree conferred by a college or university registered by the New York State Board of Regents or accredited by an appropriate regional accrediting agency.
  • A minimum of 5 years of successful teaching experience in a Catholic, private or public-school setting.
  • Some administrative experience is preferred.
  • Position to begin in July 2024.



To apply, please submit the following four documents as separate PDF attachments. Email all documents to Mrs. Nancy Lundy, Administrative Coordinator - nlundy@stedmundprep.org 

  1. Cover letter that aligns your experiences and skill sets with the school’s current needs as you understand them
  2. Statement of educational leadership philosophy
  3. Current resume with all appropriate dates included 
  4. List of three references to include names, relationships, phone numbers, and email addresses (No references will be contacted without your knowledge and approval.)


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