Feb 27, 2024

Office & Client Administrator

  • Creatio
  • Denver, CO, USA
Full time Accounting Admin-Clerical Customer Service General Business Human Resources Nonprofit

Job Description

Job Title: Office & Client Experience Administrator (OCEA)

Reports to: Director of Operations (DO)

Creatio is offering a full-time position to a highly organized, detail-oriented, flexible collaborator who is passionate about Creatio’s mission, in love with his/her Catholic faith, and has the desire to work in a fun, fast-paced Catholic non-profit environment to bring young adults into a relationship with Christ and His Church. 

A qualified candidate will demonstrate an enthusiasm to work as a “team player” and will be expected to go above and beyond their job description to share the Creatio culture and charisma in all of their interactions with clients and other team members.

The Office and Client Experience Administrator’s primary focus will be on client relations and office organizational procedures to ensure healthy operations of Creatio. The responsibilities of this position revolve around generating and capturing interest in Creatio’s mission through booking and creating trips as well as supporting processes surrounding Creatio’s operations. This position works in collaboration with the  Director of Operations (DO) on operational needs and practices and experience health. 

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Reverence We have a profound respect and love for all of God’s creation 

Gratitude We recognize the gifts we’ve received and seek to give in return

Readiness to Change We are prepared to make the changes necessary in order to become virtuous men and women

Charity We love God above all things for His own sake, and our neighbor as ourselves 

Excellence We strive to perform actions that are great in the eyes of God

PRIMARY DUTIES - Responsibilities in BOLD

Organizational Stewardship

Upholds Creatio organizational culture and values throughout all the client (customer) experience, in the office, and in all job areas.


  • Creatio Organizational Stewardship

    The culture in the Creatio office includes reverence to the smallest details of our daily work. The OCEA will help the DO set the office culture and rhythm through the display of enthusiasm and work-ethic for the Creatio mission and growth.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Customer Service - Responding to and alerting staff of inquiries made to info@creatio; phone line

  • Office Materials & Maintenance - Printing, office supplies, organization

  • Website Maintenance - Webpage content updates & preparation of websites for clients and marketing

  • Human Resources Administration - Payroll and Employee Onboarding

  • Compliance - Insurance, state and federal level non-profit compliance, Tax and Certification filings


  • Creatio Experience Sales & Operations

    The OCEA ensures that each person that contacts Creatio experiences its mission in a professional and courteous manner. He/ she promotes communication with potential customers and directs them to see how Creatio’s mission and services can best benefit them. This includes leading the potential customers through the first stages of the booking process until a contract is signed. Creatio interacts with more than 450 individual registrations per year. In cooperation with the DO, the OCEA is the primary person responsible for communicating with newly registered customers and providing them with the resources they need before they go on a Creatio Experience.

    Specific responsibilities include:

    • Client Booking & Contracting - Preparation of Experience proposals and contracts for clients

    • Customer Service - Active participant communication and registration processing /reporting

    • Creatio Experience Logistics Planning - Set Experience plans at the standards and discretion of the DO

  • Financial Data-Entry & Reporting

    This responsibility requires a person who is detail-oriented and hungry to learn (or already possesses) the ability to organize all month-end financial statements, regularly track transactions including monthly donations, and participate in an organization-wide budget meeting on a regular basis. 2-3 years of experience with Quickbooks and Excel is highly preferred.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Account-level monitoring

    • Transaction-level documentation - Prepares a monthly bookkeeping report (reviewed by accountant) 

    • Organizational Banking - Records deposits, withdrawals, invoices, credit cards, liaison to banks

    • Register donations through Creatio’s Donation Software (Bloomerang)

    • Produce Regular financial and donation reports

Preferred skills and qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent)

  • Exceptional verbal, written, and visual communication skills

  • Experience with: Excel, Canva, Quickbooks, CRM operation (Bloomerang), Hubspot

Full-Time Position | Salary: Starting at $45k (based on experience)

Job Location: Denver, CO


  • Paid-Time-Off

  • Participation in 1 fully-paid Creatio Experience per year

  • Safe Harbor 401k with matching contributions

  • Observance of Catholic Holidays (Archdiocese of Denver Schedule)

  • Regular Staff Formation & Retreat Days

  • Daily Mass & Holy Hour as part of the Daily Office Schedule 

                         Not included at this time: Medical Benefits

Application Requirements:

Interested candidates will send in a CV/Resume & Cover letter sharing their interest in the position to chris@creatio.org


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