Mar 05, 2024

School Counselor

  • Mount de Sales Academy
Full time Counseling

Job Description

The School Counselor and Accommodations Liaison oversees the academic support and instruction of college-bound students with identified learning disabilities while promoting and enhancing their personal, social, spiritual and career development. The Counselor coordinates regular communication between the school and the family as well as with teachers and counseling staff and ensures that student evaluations are maintained, and appropriate student support plans are formulated and monitored on an annual basis.  Other duties include conducting individualized and/or group sessions with the students, serving as a resource for faculty, staff, and parents regarding the developmental needs of the students, and referring students and their parents to community agencies, programs, or specialists as appropriate.  The counselor exhibits dedication to the mission and vision of Mount de Sales Academy.  The counselor must possess strong interpersonal and organizational skills that allow for communication with all levels of the school constituents.  
The School Counselor in Mount de Sales Academy is expected to be a highly skilled professional person who works in close collaboration with the administration so that he/she may effectively fulfill the various roles that must be assumed during the course of the day.  Mount de Sales Academy seeks to offer a high-quality program that is integrated with religious truths and values.  The Sacred Heart Counselor strives to provide opportunities for the students to be prepared for life in today’s Church and society through a strong basic formation in the beliefs, values and traditions of the Catholic Church.  The Sacred Heart Counselor supports these basic beliefs, values and traditions in communications, personal demeanor, and life-style.  The Sacred Heart Counselor is expected to model Gospel values in his or her spirit of service. Respect for the dignity of each person is of upmost importance.  
Duties and Responsibilities  
The duties listed below are typically performed by an employee in this classification. However, an employee may not be assigned all duties or may be assigned duties which are not listed. 
Oversee accommodations for Sacred Heart students. 
  • Collect and interpret all professional evaluations and results of student testing. 
  • Coordinate placement testing for Sacred Heart students. 
  • Oversee creation of student support plans; document and monitor accommodations received by each student and provide consistent assessment of student progress. 
  • Maintain regular contact with parents, counseling team, and administrators regarding student progress and areas of concern. 
  • Assist teachers in implementing accommodations in the classroom and provide them with tools to respond to academic needs.  
  • Support Sacred Heart Testing coordinator in development of processes for students receiving extended time or oral assistance on assessments and exams. 
  • Oversee Sacred Heart students’ accommodations on standardized testing and other outside organizations, including, but not limited to, the Collegeboard, ACT, and colleges.  
Conduct structured, goal-oriented counseling sessions in response to the identified needs of individuals and groups of students.   
  • Act as personal and academic counselor to the students with learning plans.  
  • Conduct periodic counseling with students who are underachieving, in serious academic difficulty, or experiencing social or emotional problems. 
  • Instruct individual students or small groups of students during designated time in improving academic skills, remediation, assistance with classwork, study skills, time management, organizational skills, and test-taking strategies. 
  • Assist teachers with intervention and recommendations. 
  • Recognize indicators of student distress or abuse and taking appropriate action for remediation.  
  • Assist students with developing a four-year educational plan with course selections which are the most challenging and appropriate for graduation requirements and career plans.  
  • Advise students and parents in course selection process and transitioning to college.  
Consult with and serving as a resource for teachers, staff, and parents regarding the developmental needs of the students with learning plans.
  • Conduct and facilitate conferences with teachers, students, and parents.   
  • Model appropriate behavior with student, parent, and colleague interactions maintaining full confidentiality with information. 
  • Maintain records to document interactions, interventions, and decisions.   
  • Select a variety of materials and resources for counseling use.   
  • Conduct or provide opportunities for parent education programs. 
  • Refer students and their parents to community agencies, program or specialists as appropriate.  

Fulfill professional responsibilities 
  • Assist in accurate recording and proper maintenance of student records including providing the required reports to the administration. 
  • Exercise confidentiality in sharing test results and other student information. 
  • Communicate regularly with the administration concerning issues that need to be addressed for the good of the student/students. 
  • Maintain a current understanding of student/school legal issues and procedures. 
  • Respond to concerns and inquiries in a timely and professional manner. 
  • Participate in Workshops and In-Service sessions as required.   
Skills / Attributes 
  • Demonstrates commitment to the mission and vision of Catholic education in general and Mount de Sales Academy in particular. 
  • Has excellent communication skills and an ability to work with students, parents, faculty, staff, and colleagues in a professional and collegial manner. 
  • Can manage conflict successfully and will work proactively with students and parents in finding solutions to their questions and difficulties. 
  • Utilize computers effectively both in the performance of assigned duties as well as understand the various software resources that are available for guidance usage. Have a basic working knowledge of Microsoft office, Blackbaud, and Canvas software.  
Professional Qualifications  
  • Holds a master’s degree from an accredited educational institution. 
  • Certification in School Counseling. 
  • Completed coursework in Special Education. 
  • Successful experience working with students with learning disabilities (preferred). 
  • Successful experience as a Counselor (preferred) 
  • Knowledge of educational psychological evaluations and various forms of academic testing; ability to read and interpret testing information. 
  • Knowledge of career counseling and community resources 
  • Knowledge of counseling techniques and referral process 
  • Knowledge of the Church’s teachings on moral issues 
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and basic computer skills. 
  • Ability to integrate technology resources into student instruction and presentations when applicable. 

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