Mar 20, 2024

Director of Campus Ministry

  • St. Francis Catholic High School
Full time Education: Middle/High School Ministry, Campus Ministry, Youth Nonprofit Religious Education

Job Description

The Director of Campus Ministry leads the Campus Ministry team and is responsible for the overall programs in the areas of worship, retreats, student and staff faith formation, and service. The Director of Campus Ministry oversees the Campus Ministry Department and its staff, functioning, and budget. This person is a member of the Executive Staff and works in collaboration with school leaders and the Campus Ministry team to foster spiritual growth and development through events and activities that involve the St. Francis Catholic High School community. These include liturgies, student retreats, Christian Service projects, faith formation, the Big Sister program, celebrating the liturgical seasons, and experiences that build up the faith community. The person in this role must be an active, practicing Catholic. This is a full-time, year-round exempt position.

Essential Responsibilities:

Faith Community Affairs
● Ensure that all Campus Ministry actions are vitally connected to the life, philosophy, and ministry of the school and the Diocese of Sacramento.
● Build ministry partnerships with the staff, departments, and school programs.
● Represent St. Francis Catholic High School in the external Catholic faith community.
● Facilitates Bishop visits to the campus.
● Servant to the spiritual needs of the school.
● Maintain awareness of regional and national trends in high school campus ministry and encourage participation in continuing professional development of all members of the Campus Ministry team.

Liturgy and Worship
● Liturgy Director for all school-wide liturgies, prayer services, and First Friday masses for staff.
● Liturgy Director and coordinator for the family liturgies for each grade level, including for the Freshman Family Mass, Sophomore Family Mass and Ring Ceremony, Junior Family Mass and Commissioning Ceremony, and Senior Baccalaureate Mass.
● Liturgist for memorial liturgies as requested by families and staff.
● Coordinate the functioning of the Liturgy Committee (music ministry, liturgical dance, liturgical drama, environment, lectures, celebrant, student and staff leadership, theology block, offertory collections, etc.)
● Create prayer experiences and maintain prayer requests as needed by the community.
● Train students in liturgical ministry.
● Supervise, support, and evaluate the performance of the Chaplain.

Retreat Program
● Oversee the functioning and success of the Retreat Program.
● Supervise, support, and evaluate the Campus Minister for Retreats.
● Act as Retreat Director for the Kairos Retreat Program.
● Ensure an integrated and comprehensive retreat program, beginning with freshman year and building up to the senior year Kairos experience.

Christian Service Program
● Oversee the functioning and success of the Christian Service Program.
● Supervise, support, and evaluate the Campus Minister for Service.
● Ensure that all programs are consistent with the perimeters of the Christian Service mission statement and the mission of the school.
● Promote the Christian Service Program within the school and community.
● When appropriate, create or promote Christian Service projects within liturgies and retreats by collaborating with the Campus Minister for Service.

Community Building
● Coordinate St. Francis Day, Pax et Bonum/Catholic Schools Week, student assemblies, and other calendared and non-calendared community celebrations.
● Oversee the community experience of Advent and Lent.
● Collaborate with Student Activities and other school organizations in building the faith community.
● Encourage collaborations between Campus Ministry projects and other school-wide initiatives and programs.
● Develop and maintain a strong and collaborative relationship between the school and the local feeder schools and parishes.

Develop Student and Adult Leaders
● Build relationships with the students, staff, and those connected with St. Francis Catholic High School to see them evangelized, discipled, developed as leaders, and prepared for ministry.
● Foster and support an inclusive educational environment.
● Engage, equip, and empower youth to be lifetime servant leaders.
● Develop volunteer and student leadership to assist in carrying out the priorities and programs of Campus Ministry.
● Teach the Ministry Leadership class in collaboration with the Campus Ministry Department team members.
● Oversee the Big Sister Program, including the application process, the selection of members, and ensuring the successful assimilation of freshmen through the first year.

● Create promotional materials for Campus Ministry programs.
● Provide information for various campus publications (homeroom announcements, Parent’s Newsletter, Campus Connection, Pax et Bonum magazine, etc.).
● Oversee the content of the Campus Ministry section of the school website. Collaborate with Strategic Marketing and Communications to ensure a vibrant and current page.
● Ensure students, staff and families are aware of and excited about Campus Ministry programs.
● Maintain open and active lines of communication within the Campus Ministry Department.

● Manage budgets for the Campus Ministry Department.
● Oversee the Retreat and Christian Service financial management, ensuring good stewardship of school funds.
● Collaborate with the Advancement department on any fundraising and donations for Campus Ministry projects.

General Operations
● Oversee the Campus Life Center, ensuring it is open, safe, and accessible during scheduled hours. Manage the operations of the physical space, including the scheduling of the CLC for adult needs, such as staff meetings and faith formation, the scheduling of the conference room for usage from others on campus as needed, ensuring there is appropriate adult supervision at all open times for students, and collaborating with technology and facilities to ensure things are working properly and not in disrepair.

Job Requirements:


A Master’s degree in Divinity, Theology, or a related field is required.

Job Experience

At least five years of experience in campus ministry at the high school or college level
is required.

Technical/Functional skills:
● Deep understanding of the catechism of the Catholic Church.
● Education and training in youth ministry, spiritual direction, liturgical ministry, and retreat direction.
● Sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of high school students.
● Inspiring communication skills, both verbally and in writing.
● Ability to work with minimal supervision.
● Ability to function effectively under pressure.
● Knowledge in computer applications related to the duties and responsibilities specified.
● Ability to supervise a staff of 3 to 4 people in the department.

Other Requirements:
● Must be an active, practicing Catholic.
● Commitments include some evening, overnight, and weekend programs.
● Other duties may be required as needed.

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