Apr 23, 2024

Assistant Athletic Director

  • Diocese of Nashville
Part time Education: Elementary Education: Middle/High School

Job Description

The position of the Assistant Diocesan Athletic Director (ADAD) is to assist the Director of Athletics in providing leadership in the development, organization, implementation, and evaluation of entire athletic program for the Diocese of Nashville as it pertains to the various sports leagues governed by the Diocesan Athletic Conference (DAC). 


1.      Assist in Athletic Director duties.

2.      Perform all related duties as assigned by Athletic Director.

3.      Share responsibility for reporting to the Superintendent of Schools on all matters related to DAC and parochial league sports.

4.      Consult with Athletic Director and Superintendent of Schools regarding all legal issues and all matters related to the health and safety of students participating in parochial league sports.

5.      Coordinate and schedule all athletic contests for all Diocesan sports.

6.      Helps with the responsibility and preparation of budgets, expenses, fees, and payments for DAC programs and the allocation of athletic funds.

7.      Provide leadership and guidance for sports activities and programs.

8.      Under the direction of the Athletic Director, will supervise, purchase, and maintenance of athletic equipment, supplies, and facilities.

9.      Ensure compliance with state rules and conference policies.

10.  Establish regular communication channels with each school’s athletic director.

11.  Advise and counsel on all matters pertaining to DAC.

12.  Act as liaison with selectors, conference, associated leagues, and state agencies.

13.  Coordinate with Coaches on team travel, game scheduling and practice sessions.

14.  Prepare and present reports on team performance and needs for improvement.

15.  Mediate any disputes arising between Coaches and Athletes.

16.  Coordinating with volunteers to ensure a smooth process (organizing timing of outreach, registration team, and coach selection, etc.)

17.  Assist Coaches with and/or prepare schedules for each sport.

18.  Maintain all schedules on the DAC website.

19.  Must maintain and update all information on the DAC website including but not limited to the general rules and rules for each sport by grade level.

20.  Attend Board meetings to provide updates and discuss issues surrounding the ongoing development of DAC.

21.  Establishing and maintaining a platform available for all organization members to educate on sports skills, rules, and practices.

22.  Coordinating regarding sport Rules and Training

23.  Order all and present awards and certificates during attendance of all championship events.

24.  Assist with the administration of all rules set forth by the DAC.


Bachelor’s Degree is preferred. Coaching experience at the secondary or post-secondary level, or comparable athletics experience is required.


1.      Demonstrated knowledge of computer operations, particularly internet, e-mail, Word, and Excel.

2.      Ability to maintain confidentiality.

3.      Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and organize.

4.      Capable of performing accurate, detailed work.

5.      Knowledge and understanding of Athletics.

6.      Flexibility of scheduling for occasional evening meetings.

7.      Willingness to submit to criminal background screening.

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