Jun 03, 2024

Pastoral Coordinator- Rutledge TN (Grainger County)

  • Glenmary Home Missioners
Full time Ministry, Pastoral

Job Description

PASTORAL COORDINATOR- Rutledge TN (Grainger County)


PURPOSE. To seek out and call together Catholics into the local congregation. This is accomplished by assisting these individuals in the formation of a Eucharistic community from which flows an awareness of each other’s needs and the needs of all the people within the assigned territory. The primary responsibility of the Pastoral Coordinator will be the care and growth of St. John Paul II Mission. Additionally, they will be present to and with the larger community of Grainger County. This position will be based at St. John Paul II, Rutledge (Grainger County), Tennessee.




The Pastoral Coordinator is a co-worker of the Glenmary Home Missioners with the expectation s/he will adopt the missionary charism of Glenmary. This position, within Glenmary, is one of leadership ministry, pastoral care, missionary outreach, and administrative duties.




       I.            Forming a Catholic missionary community by:

a.       Using all available resources, to locate persons who identify with the Catholic Church (whether active or not) and calling them together by initiating a response to their spiritual needs: whether it is reconciliation with the Church, catechesis or regularly scheduled group prayer and devotion.

b.      Assisting people of diverse cultures in finding their common bond in Christ.


     II.            Worship – provide the pastoral, spiritual and organizational leadership in the Catholic community by:

a.       Collaborate with Sacramental Ministers and Canonical Pastors.

b.      Arranging for the celebration of Mass on Sundays/holydays and weekdays.

c.       Being present at Sunday/holyday Masses while exercising appropriate leadership.

d.      Providing opportunities for the celebration of other sacraments as needed and to schedule the sacrament of reconciliation regularly.

e.       Assisting diverse cultural groups within the community to celebrate special feasts and devotions that will enhance their growth in God.

f.        Maintaining contact with parishioners through visitation (including the sick and home-bound) especially in times of personal crisis.


III.            Ecumenism – exercise leadership in continuous efforts of Catholics and other Christians to grow together in Christ and seek the unity that the Lord desires by:

a.       Joining and participating in the activities of the local ministerial association.

b.      Promoting among Catholics, participation in inter-church prayer services and other inter-church events.

c.       Seeking ways to promote mutual understanding with other ecclesiastical communities.

d.      Collaborating with other civic, religious, and social organizations in identifying the temporal needs of the people in the assigned territory and responding to those needs by working to change the unjust social and economic systems that support prejudice and exploitation by sharing the love and action of Christ.


   IV.            Evangelization – to share faith and proclaim the Gospel to the unchurched, unbaptized, or who do not identify with any church.

a.       Lead and instill an ongoing effort by Catholics to live and share their faith and proclaim       the Gospel to those without a Church home.

b.      Developing relationships and strategies to encounter those without a church affiliation.


    V.            Social Ministries – initiate efforts to minister to the temporal needs of the people and work towards social and economic life within the assigned community by the corporal and spiritual works of mercy:

a.       Working with and through existing social service agencies.

b.      Observing and serving the needs of the poorest in the area.

c.       Seeking methods of reversing social and economic injustices whenever possible.


 VI.            Administration – planning for and establishing the temporalities necessary to initiate and maintain the above mentioned ministries by:

a.       Preparing a budget, conducting business within its financial boundaries and assuming responsibility for its related financial documentation/records.

b.      Supervising and mentoring parish staff whether volunteer or paid and/or participating in team ministry.

c.       Participating regularly in deanery, diocesan and Glenmary gatherings as well as building relationships with diocesan staff.

d.      Utilizes digital methods, when appropriate, to promote the purpose of this position.

e.       Follows Catholic Church guidelines and teachings in general and, in particular, regarding evangelization, mission, ecumenism, and inter-religious dialogue.

f.        Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the immediate supervisor.



·         Bachelor’s degree – or advanced degree in Theology, Pastoral Studies, or a related field.

·         Previous experience in working in an inter-cultural context, preferably in a parish setting.

·         Must be a fully initiated practicing Catholic, in full communion with the Catholic Church, who has no impediment limiting full participation in the Church, and who is able and willing to represent both the Catholic Church and Glenmary. S/He must be respectful of other Christian denominations and willing to learn from them. S/He must feel called to evangelize, thereby facilitating the process of deeper participating in the life of the Catholic faith of those otherwise unchurched or unaffiliated.

·         Must be bi-lingual English/Spanish.

Submit cover letter & resume and three professional references by 06/21/2024 to:
Father Steve Pawelk spawelk@glenmary.org

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