5/6/7 Grade English, Literature, History Teacher

  • Sacred Heart Catholic School
  • 555 South Woodrow Avenue, Gallup, NM, USA
  • Jun 07, 2024
Full time Education: Middle/High School

Job Description


Faculty are called to serve the mission of Catholic education at Sacred Heart Catholic School by being well-prepared to offer academically rigorous, age-appropriate professional instruction according to the assigned grade or subject areas. Participating in the very teaching mission of the Church, faculty are called to serve as self-less role models of Christian discipleship, striving for virtue and holiness according to their state in life.


This position is for teaching two sections (5th Grade and 6/7th Grade Combined) of English, Literature, and History. We are seeking a creative, passionate teacher willing to integrate a liberal arts approach to the subjects. Additionally, the teaching position includes homeroom responsibilities for 5th Grade.



Essential Duties and Responsibilities


Curriculum and Instructional Responsibilities

·        Teach assigned classes and maintain classroom discipline.

·        Implement the approved classical curriculum.

·        Teach utilizing age-appropriate and grade level-appropriate pedagogical and teaching methods, while integrating the educational philosophy of the school.

·        Write and maintain weekly lesson plans that are up-to-date and submitted to the principal each week.

·        Maintain a positive and virtuous environment in the classroom in keeping with a Catholic school.

·        Develop a fair and consistent grade procedure in accordance with the guidelines of Sacred Heart Catholic School.

·        Assign meaningful homework and hold students accountable for the homework.

·        Develop and promptly grade and return tests, quizzes, and/or other evaluative instruments that measure student learning.

·        Provide assistance for students having difficulty, communicating often and effectively with the learning support staff and the principal. 


General Supervision Responsibilities

·        Submit attendance in each class.

·        Maintain good order and cleanliness in the classrooms.

·        Prefect or substitute as assigned.

·        Supervise a class and/or group of students for daily Holy Mass.

·        Enforce Sacred Heart Catholic School policies regarding student behavior and dress code.

·        Follow all procedures for emergency drills or situations.

·        Participate in and supervise school events and activities as required or requested by the principal.


Communication Responsibilities

·        Update grades weekly.

·        Keep parents/guardians informed of student progress in accordance with guidelines established by the Handbook and/or principal

·        Check school email daily and return parent/guardian emails within 48 hours.

·        Maintain regular communication with the principal regarding student learning needs, challenges, and progress.

·        Attend all academic functions of Sacred Heart Catholic School: faculty meetings, concerts, academic showcases, parent conferences, parent nights, in-service days, graduation and commencement, faculty retreats, open house, occasional admissions events or evenings, and other “all school” occasions as required by the principal.

·        Maintain a professional, positive, and constructive relationship with colleagues, administrators, and staff.


Other Responsibilities

·        Attend daily Holy Mass with the school community.

·        Foster the philosophy, goals, and objectives of Sacred Heart Catholic School.

·        Continue professional development and meet all expectations for development by participating in classes, lectures, workshops, conferences, and the like on a regular basis.

·        Actively support the faculty formation program at Sacred Heart Catholic School.

·        Consciously dedicate attention and energy to improving student participation in daily Holy Mass and other liturgical prayer or spiritual exercises.

·        Respect and care for the building, equipment, and facilities of Sacred Heart Catholic School. 

·        Maintain appropriate certification and professional education according to discipline or grade level.

·        Provide appropriate lesson plans for substitutes in the event of an absence.