Diocesan Coordinator of Marriage and Family

  • Diocese of Venice
  • Venice, FL, USA
  • Jun 28, 2024
Full time Consultant Counseling Nonprofit Other

Job Description

The successful outreach to the family begins with kerygmatic evangelization, the invitation to intentional discipleship, and immersion in a devotional and Spirit-filled lifestyle. This establishes the relationship with Jesus as the substratum of the entire family life. Through this endeavor, the goal to foster disciples of Jesus Christ and help them along the path of sanctity finds fulfillment in the life of the Church particularly in the Parish and as part of the Diocese.
The mission of the Diocesan Coordinator of Marriage & Family Life is to facilitate the inculcating of the above vision for the family through marriage preparation, accompaniment, and support throughout the Diocese. The Coordinator will assist in spreading this vision by serving those in ministry within Parishes to Parishioners as well as working directly with couples preparing for marriage, seeking convalidation, and providing resources in all matters regarding family life.
The Coordinator's primary role is to work with those in Parishes who prepare couples for Marriage, serve the families of the Parishes, and assist all who serve in all areas of family life, from conception to death including bereavement support. Through these efforts, the Coordinator will effectively build up the ministries within the Parish and provide opportunities to unite them on the Diocesan level.
Job Responsibilities:
  • Reports to the Diocesan Director of Evangelization
  • Work to form and effectively communicate a complete vision for Marriage & Family Life across the Diocese
  • Develops and communicates a vision of intentional discipleship to all those in ministry to families and those preparing for marriage, overseeing the reception and implementation of this vision through personal advocacy, resource creation and allocation, and the development of evaluation metrics for assessment
  • Offers training opportunities and individual consultation for all those involved in the work of Marriage & Family Life throughout the Diocese
  • Directs the planning, establishment, and maintenance of an effective electronic platform for the sharing of resources and networking within the Diocese -- a space for remote resource allocation, regional updates, shared calendars, periodic updates, event registration, etc.
  • Assists in and/or implements Diocesan-wide ministry events to supplement local ministry efforts (e.g. conferences, retreats, times of formation, annual anniversary Masses, etc.); beginning with an evaluation of previous programs and the strategic planning of future programming
Initial Projects:
  • Support individual Parishes in Marriage Preparation utilizing the Marriage Preparation Program Witness to Love
  • Coordinate regular meetings with Parish Marriage Preparation Coordinators
  • Develop matrices for tracking the success of the new Marriage Preparation Program
  • Develop new Diocesan initiatives under Director of Evangelization
  • Coordinate with Parishes for collaborative events
  • Continue expansion of new Bereavement Ministry
  • Develop training for Natural Family Planning within the Diocese
  • Continue annual retreats for families, mother/daughter, and father/son
  • Minimum bachelor's in theology, Catechetics, or related field (Masters preferred)
  • Must be practicing Catholic
  • At least three (3) years of experience in ministry at the Parish or Diocesan level
  • Firm adherence and zeal for the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • A passion for families, children, and marriage
  • Being a creative thinker who will take initiative to develop new areas of outreach and programs/events
If you are interested, please apply to the link below by clicking on it or pasting it into the URL.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact human resources at 941-484-9543.