Sep 11, 2019

CNA-Certified Nursing Assistant

  • Trinity Teen Solutions
  • Powell, WY, USA
Full time Health Care Ministry, Young Adult

Job Description


The CNA must possess high moral and ethical standards with a strong Christian/Catholic background. They must supervise and ensure safety of the female patients, monitor their activities of daily living, and maintain group harmony through being a good example and  how to interact in relationships. This allows opportunities for the patient to find the goodness within, practicing new learned skills while providing direction for returning home.

  • Monitor the patient's daily activities and maintain peace and harmony of the group. 
  • Maintain a clean and orderly environment by setting an example and teaching the patients essential life skills. 
  • Instruct and monitor the patient's on proper daily hygiene and dress code.
  • Collaborate and work with the ranch crew to enhance the ability for the patients to learn and practice essential life skills and social skills.
  • Implement the patients plan of treatment that is created by the licenses professional counselors. 
  • Oversee safety, health and well being of the patients. 
  • Plan and organize treatment interventions with treatment team.
  • Maintain control and develop a healthy environment. 
  • Plan, organize and implement lesson plans according to each student’s individual academic needs. 
  • Monitor and implement Trinity Teen Solutions Program Rules, Policies, Philosophies, Handbooks, Fire Safety Rules, Wyo. Department of Family Services State Regulations, and State Health Inspections.
  • Provide safe transportation, ensure wearing of seat belts, and that all ranch roads and highway regulations are followed. All vehicles will be cared for properly, cleaned after each use and inspected on a daily basis.
  • Learn ranch activities such as, animal care, safety, driving all terrain vehicles, trucks. Other tools may include anything from a screwdriver to a claw hammer.
  • Maintain all written documentation such as progress notes, group therapy notes, daily checklist, and academic records.
  • Ensure that all meals are nutritious and follow proper food handling procedures. Provide a family dining atmosphere when possible, using proper table manners, and cleaning up after meals.

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