Jun 03, 2019

Summer Camp Counselor in Honduras

  • Bilingual Education For Central America (BECA)
  • New York, NY, USA
Full time Education: Elementary Education: Middle/High School Ministry, Youth Mission Work Nonprofit

Job Description


We seek approximately 10 Summer Camp Counselors for Summer Camp 2019 (approximately June 27 - July 20, 2019) for children in grades 1-5. The camp is structured to provide our students with opportunities to remain immersed in the English language over the summer through fun games and activities - making the transition back to classes in August less difficult and preventing summer learning loss.


    • Plan, execute, and document daily activities for students in a collaborative environment
    • Make summer camp a fun way for students to maintain/increase their English language ability
    • Work together to plan activities across disciplines including art, reading and writing, and physical activity



    • A commitment to BECA’s mission and a dedication to social justice
    • Fluency in English
    • Experience working with children (preferred)
    • Willingness to operate and be creative in a low-resource environment
    • Foundational knowledge of Spanish (not required but helpful)


Because the Summer Camp is a supplemental program, BECA recoups the program's expenses through donations paid by Summer Camp Counselors who wish to participate. In exchange for this experience, we ask that you contribute or fundraise $1,000 for the BECA program to help defray costs (food, accommodation, training, materials, and a high speed internet connection). A reduced contribution may be available for college students with demonstrated need.

For current college students, please note that volunteers in the past have successfully applied for on-campus grant monies to cover this expense and travel. We encourage you to explore what opportunities your college offers to subsidize summer experiences. Please contact us if you have any questions; we will try to help you in any way possible.

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