Jun 14, 2019

Classroom aide

  • Saint Hilary School
  • Tiburon, CA, USA
Full time Education: Elementary

Job Description

A teacher's aide's job is to assist a teacher and reinforce the instruction taught in the classroom to students. This can include going over lessons with students individually, answering questions or grading assignments.

A teacher's aide may be asked to supervise the students outside of the classroom on the playground, during bathroom breaks, at lunch time and on field trips. When class is not in session, a teacher's aide might assist by entering grades or typing up class summaries.

A teacher may give the answer key to a particular test or work assignment to the teacher's aide, allowing them to grade papers. A teacher's aide helps with the integration of technology into the classroom, helping set up computers and projectors, for example. A teacher's aide may also organize the classroom and put supplies in order.



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