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Part time Ministry, Music Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, Youth Religious Education

Job Description


Location: Beaufort, South Carolina
The Catholic COORDINATOR of Religious Education responsibilities:

Education and Experience Requirement:
 Possess an Associate's Degree or have a minimum of one year experience as a religious
education teacher.
 Experience in the management of a large, multi-session religious education program for
adults and children is preferred.
 Experience working with military leadership or attending a military chapel is favorable.
 Must be sensitive to religious pluralism and be able to work alongside diverse religious
 Ability to mentor and develop leaders.
 Ability to multitask and adapt to changing schedules.
 Managerial, organizational and leadership ability commensurate with responsibility for
and administration of a complete religious education and sacramental preparation
 An excellent working knowledge/agreement with the doctrines, ideas, liturgy,
sacraments, history, customs and organization the Roman Catholic Church.

Duties and Responsibilities:
 Coordinate the delivery of religious education and methods consistent with the cultural
and educational environment of the Marine and Navy communities under the supervision
and evaluation of the Catholic Priest. The CCE shall advise the Catholic Priest on
programs, methods and their usage that are necessary to meet or improve the religious
educational needs of families and single active duty service members of the MCAS
Beaufort Catholic community.
 Review religious education materials and make recommendations to the Catholic Priest
for providing an adult and youth CREP from Pre-school through High School ages.
 Design, prepare and coordinate curriculum for classes and academic-religious events for
the Catholic community that are observed throughout the year. Traditional REP may
include but are not limited to:
 Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) for children grades K-8, High School
Confirmation program and monthly High School Religious Education courses,
preparation for First Communion, First Reconciliation, Confirmation, Baptism, and Rite
of Christian Initiation of Adults.
 Provide continuous leadership development for all Catholic religious education teachers
including their recruitment, training, and assessment.
 Coordinate all Catholic workshops, teachers' meetings, and parental conferences
throughout the year.

 Maintain statistical records necessary to document the number of students in attendance,
cost of materials, personal records and other records necessary for the program.
 Coordinate scheduling and allocation of spaces used for REP.
 Prepare and submit a religious education budget no later than June for each subsequent
fiscal year.
 Coordinate with the RP’s to order supplies that meet the needs to the Catholic community
through the use of Appropriated Funds.
 Monitor the receipt, distribution, and utilization of all Catholic religious education
materials and supplies. Account for expenditures within budget requirements to include
curriculum materials, audio-visual aids, equipment, and other supplies for classrooms and
 Prepare publicity of CREP and events through memoranda, bulletins and other available
media resources on base.
 Train and coordinate a team for the Children's Liturgy of the Word program.
 Be the Liaison with the CRP to execute Chapel outreach programs that are not faith
specific. (i.e. Cookouts and VBS).
 Attend Parish Council meetings and recruit new Parish Council Members, develop and
publish a Parish Council Agenda, record and publish Parish Council minutes and
maintain a record of all Parish Council Meetings.
 Organize various types of Fellowships throughout the year as well as special occasions,
i.e. First Communion, Confirmation, as well as designated holidays.

Hours and Performance:
 This position is not to exceed 14 hours weekly, based on an annual calendar of activity that may
have seasonal variation. The CCE is expected to be present on Sunday Morning, weekly staff
meetings, and have a flexible weekday schedule
 Work hours will be set by the Command Chaplain after conferring with the Roman Catholic

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