Feb 11, 2020

US History, Government & Religion Teaching Positions

  • ICA Cristo Rey
Full time Education: Middle/High School

Job Description

ICA Cristo Rey, an all-girls Catholic, college-preparatory school in San Francisco, is sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose.  Our school community reflects Jesus’ care and concern for all people, and we live in solidarity with our school’s foundress, Mother Maria Pia Backes, and her mission for the young, the poor, and the vulnerable.


ICA Cristo Rey is a member of the Cristo Rey Network of Schools.  Our girls engage in a corporate work study experience that makes college preparatory education accessible and affordable. 


We are currently looking for the following positions for the 2019-2020 school year:

  • US History (including Advanced Placement)
  • Government (including Advanced Placement)
  • Religion


The successful candidate will:


  • Create and maintain a warm and inclusive classroom environment
  • Implement a standards-based and college preparatory curriculum
  • Identify appropriate student learning targets for a wide range of learners
  • Design learning opportunities that build upon student knowledge and skills
  • Design both formal and informal assessments to measure student mastery
  • Incorporate formative and summative assessment data to inform planning and delivery of instruction
  • Effectively instruct adolescent learners in an urban setting
  • Build excitement among students to learn math and science
  • Institute an inquiry-based approach to learning
  • Use effective, research-based instructional and classroom management practices
  • Align curriculum and instruction to best meet the needs of students
  • Demonstrate and promote the responsible use of technology as a learning tool
  • Inspire students to be more enthusiastic and sophisticated readers and writers
  • Communicate with colleagues, students, parents and school leadership regarding student performance
  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with students, families, and colleagues
  • Demonstrate a willingness to teach a variety of grades and subject areas
  • Communicate to students and parents a passion for teaching high school students and their subject area
  • Accept ultimate responsibility for the academic success of his or her students; believe in the maxim that “failure is not an option”.








  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in content area
  • Experience teaching; preferably experience with Advanced Placement courses
  • Experience effectively teaching and assessing an urban, culturally diverse student population


We seek teachers who are passionate about teaching and learning – who want to spend time discussing, preparing, and immersing themselves in the rich content they teach.  We value teachers who truly listen to what students are saying – who create a space for students to think their way through to answers, and who praise their insights and curiosities along the way.  We value educators with a hunger for feedback and professional growth, and a dedication to excellence.



Application Process:



Answer the following question:


  • At ICA Cristo Rey, you will be expected to design, plan, and teach college-prep and Advanced Placement courses yet many of your students will begin high school two to three years below grade level. What will it take to accomplish this task, and how will you go about it?  (Maximum Response:  500 words)



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