Jun 30, 2020

Marketing Technology Officer

  • Centurion Transport
  • Remote
Intern Communications Design Information Technology Internet/Social Media Marketing

Job Description

Centurion Transport offers a 10-week, paid project (or internship) for a Marketing Technology Officer.  Review of overall objectives at the end of 10 weeks may lead to additional projects or permanent employment.  The ideal candidate will contribute work product as well as explanation and insight to an overall, cohesive marketing and operations strategy.   The lead is welcomed to offer, with rationale, new ideas. 

Remuneration will be $300 per week for 10 weeks.  There are no benefits currently.  Scope of duties will include, not necessarily in order of priority:

  1. Website design including:
    1. taking photographs for the website
    2. reviewing existing contracts impacting a website
    3. relating, practically and in strategy, our website to other platforms, vendors, etc.
    4. protecting our website from hacking, virus, etc.
  2. SEO
  3. Create and train others in CRM procedures. How to efficiently and effectively capture and use customer data, including input regarding:
    1. Syncing devices, calendars, etc. so there is, for example, one calendar for the enterprise
    2. Scheduling
    3. Invoicing
    4. Documentation
    5. Customer communication
  4. Creation of a meaningful social-media strategy given our business model, skill levels, etc.
  5. Suggestions for how to best procure customers for our unique business including:
    1. Review, creation, and/or management of accounts with:
      1. Angie’s List
      2. Yelp
      3. Google
  1. Open discussion with the owner to understand the history and status of the business.
  2. Weekly discussions with the owner to assess objectives and progress and modify objectives if beneficial.

Centurion Transport is a family-owned business serving commercial and individual customers who are delivering, disposing, or moving non-hazardous items.  Currently local, the business plan contemplates national expansion via traditional, direct-hire employees.  Centurion is different from supply-chain businesses who contract out the actual work, abdicating accountability for performance and corporate governance.  With Centurion the people that answer the phone are the people who deliver, dispose, and move our customers' items.


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