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Sometimes working with your own connections and contacts just doesn’t help you find an ideal candidate for the position you need to fill.  Job Postings can be very effective, but if the person you are looking for is not actively looking for a job they simply aren’t going to be aware that the position is available. 

If you are struggling to find the right person for the job, another option is to engage us with a full-fledged recruiting search.  In this engagement, the process looks like this:

  • We do a thorough review of the Job Description with you. We discuss with you everything from the most appealing aspects of the job to the greatest challenges, and where this person fits in your organization.
  • We then ask you a series of questions that really bring out what you think are the most important traits that a perfect candidate would bring to the position. We talk about what you want and what you don’t want in a candidate.
  • Then, we search! Even with the technology of today, some things never change when it comes to recruiting great candidates.  If candidates are not coming to you, you must go to them.  A typical search requires hundreds of phone calls and emails.  We have a rapidly growing home-grown database and several data bases we pay for to give us access to virtually any possible candidate.  It’s a matter of making the calls, presenting the opportunity and seeing what interest they have.  Even if the candidate on the line is not interested, we simply ask if they have a good referral they could give us.  One call often leads to five others.
  • Once we have a candidate who has expressed interest in the job opportunity we screen them with a phone interview to make sure they match up to your expectations. If it looks like a good possible fit, we send the resume to you and schedule a conversation to review.
  • At this point you decide to start the interview process or not, but we keep searching. Our objective is to give you 3 to 5 good candidates to choose from. 
  • Usually the best candidate rises to the top of the list quickly, and as the process moves forward we are there to help you with communications to facilitate the final interviews, logistics, the offer process and on-boarding the candidate.


What about cost?  It is generally understood that Catholic organization do not usually have a budget for typical recruiting services as would be seen in the secular corporate world.  A Corporate recruiting fee typically ranges from 22 to 30% of the candidates first year’s income.  We have put together a very competitive fee structure that can work within the budget of most Catholic organizations and it looks like this:

Salary Range:

$20,000 to $40,000      Flat Fee of $4,000

$41,000 to $60,000      Flat Fee of $6,000

$61,000 to $80,000      Flat Fee of $8,000

If your position is a higher paying position and/or you would also like additional more in-depth recruiting services such as Candidate Assessment testing, Reference checking, designing first year objectives and tracking etc. we would like to discuss your specific needs and negotiate a fee that makes good business sense for both parties.  Please give us a call at 303-278-2001 or email Mark Crabtree at .