May 06, 2018

Debbie Schnitzius

  • Director of Catechetical Ministries
  • San Diego, CA, USA
Full time Ministry, Pastoral Mission Work Nonprofit Religious Education Training

Personal Summary

I have worked with grade-school children in classroom settings and I advised the catechists at Holy Spirit Parish.  I thrive in training adults with a constant focus on the spiritual needs and development of children in light of Matt. 18:3. Gifted with the combination of analytical thinking plus adaptive communication skills, my talent is making complex issues understandable to any level.  I use stories, humor, and connection to make big picture theology relevant in the little choices that present people with character-building spiritual opportunities every day.

I have a breadth of exposure to the evangelistic needs of today’s American Catholics.  As a trained and experienced independent marriage coach, I am constantly engaged in the tactics of the New Evangelization.  Moral relativism and new age spirituality have influenced today’s Catholics, usually without their knowledge.  I have the distinctive skill of keeping the priority of love and compassion as the focal point of the picture while drawing lines of clarity that empower Catholics to abandon those thinking patterns that are incompatible with the truth of the Catholic faith.   

Work Experience

Catholic Marriage Coach
Aug 2016 - May 2018 Self-Employed
  • Use social media for community engagement, evangelization, and marketing announcements
  • Train couples in understanding, applying, and practicing Theology of the Body principles in practical daily matters
  • Conduct coaching sessions in person with local couples, and nationwide via phone and video-chat
  • Coaching Practices for couples include:
  • Apply Theology of the Body principles in practical matters: money decisions, parenting approaches, boundaries and balance with in-laws, household and career duties
  • Teach guided journaling exercises: self-awareness in relating to Adam and Eve before and after the Fall, examination of conscience, 14-step Forgiveness Exercise
  • Teach tools and techniques to couples for their independent practice: communicating beyond the surface – from the heart, healing the fears that drive anger, cognitive-behavior change exercises, optimizing NFP periods of abstinence to build broader forms of intimacy
Adult Faith Formation Director
Aug 2012 - Apr 2016 Holy Spirit Catholic Church
  • Instructor for RCIA & second-year Mystagogy class
  • Instructor for adult faith formation classes, mandatory for parents of sacramental preparation classes
  • Plan and implement annual RCIA Retreat Day on independent budget
  • Maintain records for Sacramental Registry
  • Resource person to support Children’s Religious Education Coordinator as needed
  • Collaborate with Parish Staff and Volunteers
Substitute Teacher, K-8
Aug 2010 - Jun 2012 Diocese of San Diego, California
  • Develop personal connections to the students, relating the material to excite their interests
  • Adapt to multiple schools’ schedules, ranging from self-contained classrooms to rotating block schedules.                              
School Secretary
Oct 2008 - Jul 2010 St. Charles Borromeo Academy
  • Collaborate with webmaster to keep parents informed of programs, fundraisers, social events, opportunities, and deadlines
  • Coordinate with PTA volunteers to keep multiple ongoing school events organized simultaneously
  • Build and maintain relationships with volunteers, faculty and parish staff via written and oral communication, using e-mail, phone, and in-person rapport as needed
  • Schedule guest tours and student application testing
  • Maintain student academic, immunization, and attendance records & statistics
  • Collaborate with Parish Secretary to process Accounts Payable
  • Track Accounts Receivable for families on special tuition payment plans
  • Acting School Nurse
Customer Service Administrator
May 1998 - Aug 2000 PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc.
  • Resolve customer complaints via oral and written communication
  • Hired and trained Customer Service Administrators & Receptionist
  • Co-created statistical analysis of nationwide customer feedback
  • Composed and proofread correspondence and statistical reports pertaining to national public relations and animal rights groups
  • Researched and composed series of standard FAQ responses for website
  • Collaborated with Management at Store, District, and Regional level


B.A. Philosophy
May 2007 - May 2007 University of Dallas


  • “Debbie is a very talented, knowledgeable, and faithful woman. She is an outstanding presenter; compelling, dynamic, articulate, captivating and entertaining.  Debbie is a team player and works well alone.”    -Fr. Joseph Freeman, Holy Spirit Catholic Church
  • “Debbie is well versed in her Catholic faith and is desirous of helping others find and keep the faith."  -Msgr. Roger Lechner, Holy Spirit Catholic Church
  • "Debbie is a gifted speaker and teacher who has been a valuable team member on retreats for adults, teens, and children."    -George Johnston, City of the Lord San Diego Branch Coordinator
  • "Debbie has a deep understanding of the Incarnational aspects of our faith.  She is familiar with discernment in her own life, but also has a passion for sharing that art with others."  -Meg Eastman, Diocesan Catechist Certification Instructor