Mar 31, 2022

Andres F. Jaramillo

  • Operations Assistant & Project Coordinator
  • South Ozone Park, Queens, NY, USA
Part time Admin-Clerical Customer Service Facilities/Maintenance/Trades Management Ministry, Pastoral Religious Education

Personal Summary

Career Objective

Committed to advancing in a career in the NYC region & Long Island, NY which will allow me to highlight my previous work experiences, skills, and servant leadership abilities.

Detail-oriented Operations & Public Relations Support Specialist with experience and expertise in business-community environments where public relations and event planning-project coordination, implementation, & execution are needed in face-to-face client stakeholder meetings, and business office project interactions.

My Current Availability: Part Time | New York State (NYC Region)

* My Work Hours Availability:
Remote & Contract

10 AM - 9 PM

10 AM - 9 PM

4 PM - 10 PM

Work Experience

Social Service Parish Coordinator
Feb 2021 - Dec 2021 Holy Cross Church Bx, NY

Responsibilities & duties include working with the Holy Cross Church Neighborhood Communitywide Matthew 25 Social Service Ministry Program which supports everyone including the homeless, low-income families, immigrants, permanent residents, citizens, the elderly, or the disabled among others. Our New Mercy Project Case Management Initiative began operations to aide and relieve the immediate need of this person seeking assistance for the physical well-being, emotional well-being, & spiritual well-being.

Health Physical Education Teacher
Jul 2017 - Aug 2021 Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy

Conducted small group and individualized instruction through the use of online breakout rooms.
PE Instructional Action-Based Activities w/ Student Learning Targets: Gr. PK-2/3-5/6-8 :
Student movers in Grades PK-2 were taught, educated, coached to develop aerobic capacity through 5-7 minute lap runs, exploratory movement skill manipulations, non-manipulations, and locomotor activities such as bear walks, crab walks, and sidestep hops, reverse walks, reverse step and hops, through obstacle course scenarios to develop transversing body mobilization skills. Student learners also participated in tag games, floor-hula hoop spikeball games, airball partner pass games, and partner catching and throwing games/challenges, soccer & basketball dribbling experiences, relay race ring tosses and bean bag corn tosses with partners and small groups. Student learners were taught tee ball skills such as baserunning, fielding, striking, and batting segments.
Students in Grades 3-4 were taught, educated, and coached to develop aerobic capacity through 10-minute team line runs, basketball skills, matball-football skills, Newcomb bounce ball; volleyball skills - such as catching & throwing with tennis balls, volleyballs, & balloons. The gameplay experiences for volleyball were comprised of playing for the LIVE game ball off one bounce, bumping, setting & serving. Also, they learned/further developed their personal performance for wiffleball skills; baserunning, striking, fielding, and batting segments.

Students in Gr. 5-8 were taught and trained to develop their Main Components of Health-Related Fitness: Aerobic capacity - cardiovascular endurance through the performance of running the indoor 1 Mile Run/Walk in the gym which is equivalent to running 22 Laps. Muscular Strength & Endurance through the performance of Push-Ups, Curl Ups, and Jump Roping. Also, students participated in their Sports Education Seasons utilizing game sense skills while participating in the Invasion Sports Games.

Project Assistant & Community Affairs Liaison
Jul 2014 - Feb 2015 Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus

Maintained/Managed Office Committee Projects & Programs within 7 committees, by implementing Head Administrators Directives: 
1.) Committee for EMHC - Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion ( Worked in Spanish)
2.) Committee for Lectors - Proclaimers of the Liturgy of the Word (Worked in Spanish/English)
3.) Committee for the Altar Server Apostolate: Gr. 5-8 (Worked in English) 
4.) Committee for Family Catechesis/Sacramental Prep (Worked in English) 
5.) Committee-Comite -Ujieres y Ministros de Hospitalidad (Worked in English) 
6.) Committee-Comite for Encuentro de Compromiso de Parejas (E.C.P.) (Worked in Spanish)
7.) Committee-Comite - Santa Comunión a Los Confinados en Casa (Worked in Spanish/English)

Built relationships and trust through empathetic listening and respect. Worked as designated Community Affairs Programs Liaison, for 7 Committee Program Initiatives where there was the need for integration of Presentations/for Catechetical Program Development and Evaluations at the Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus in Manhattan, NY. 

Committed to maintaining valuable relationships with a variety of high profile vendors/clients throughout the city, ensuring clients/vendors/funders receive VIP treatment and continued positive communication workflow partnerships to spur new business development: growth and collaboration, and the achievement of program expansion.

Liturgical Sacristan & Operations Assistant
Dec 2021 - Dec 2023 Holy Name of Jesus - St. Gregory the Great RCC,

Committed to knowing and integrating into sacristan ministerial practice the Roman Missal/Lectionary/Liturgy and Rites of the Church, liturgical ceremonies, theology, worship and prayer services, the 7 sacraments, blessings, and traditions of Catholic liturgical spirituality/ceremonies. Attend to maintaining sacristy religious goods: priests hosts, congregation hosts, Cribari wine sanctuary glass candles, wax tapers, baptismal candles, baptismal towels, cotton balls (for holy oils), 7/8” candles for adoration/servers, medium candles, large candles, (thickness should be labeled on the boxes), frankincense and/or other incense, charcoal Butane fuel (for charcoal lighter).


MS in Education
Jun 2001 - Dec 2002 Hofstra University
BA in Psychology
Sep 1996 - Jan 2001 St. John's University
Data Science | DS0101EN
Dec 2022 - Dec 2022 IBM, EDX
MA Catholic Theology Prog., (3 Courses Completed)
Sep 2011 - Jul 2013 St. Joseph's Seminary & College


Skills & Endorsements


Endorsed by Deacon Ronald Rizzuto, who is highly skilled at this

Volunteer Management

Endorsed by Christopher Bell, who is highly skilled at this

Curriculum Design

Endorsed by Deacon Ronald Rizzuto, who is highly skilled at this