Jun 28, 2018

Andres Jaramillo

  • Physical Education & Character Ed. PK-12
  • Jamaica, Queens, NY, USA
Part time Consultant Counseling Education: Elementary Education: Middle/High School Ministry, Pastoral Religious Education

Personal Summary

June 28,  2018

To: Catholic Schools Support Services, & Catholic Agencies

To: Principals, Head Administrators, Agency & Teacher Personnel,

My goal for the 2018-2019 is to work as a Health & Physical Education & Character Ed. Specialist / Teacher: by teaching, educating, & coaching the student populous through physical activity challenges: social skills and life skills building activities, cooperative games, sports, and fitness/exercise battery testing, and health fitness best practices.

Interested in a long-term career commitment within your Catholic organization  & Catholic Academy’s within the Queens & Brooklyn Counties, & Long Island Counties at the elementary and/or high school levels.

I have served as Health & Sports Education Teacher for over 11+ Years, where I  evolved and shaped my teaching instructional skills in Health/Sports Education Management. 

CURRENTLY MY PET: Teaching Day Availability is as follows:   (Monday & Fridays):

I'm already working for HCJCA: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursdays

Major Focus Points: 

  1. Interested in working on a Monday & Friday work week schedule.                                                ( I expect to fill these days by July.)
  2. I am available for Sports Coaching & Character Education Classes on M-F after 3:00 pm, starting in September of 2018.
  3. I'm capacitated to coach: soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, golf, softball, track & field.

I have a passion for serving the Church of Christ and working with children, young people, and adults alike, as an understanding and compassionate role model coach/mentor/educator, and committed Roman Catholic Christian. 


As a theology student, I am particularly proud of my theological training. I have acquired training as a Lay Ecclesial Minister: within the Pastoral Institute in the Diocese of Brooklyn, and the Institute for Religious Pastoral Studies from Hispanic Catholic Charismatic Center in the Bronx, NY.

I received skill formation for ministry through fundamental theological training, spirituality growth models, prayer, reflection, liturgy, and youth ministry mentoring at Our Lady Pompeii Church, Summer Internship, in Brooklyn, NY.

In addition, I worked as a lay pastoral associate, and office administrative assistant within the Hispanic Ministry Programs at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Manhattan, NY.

I was awarded and earned a Masters Degree in Physical Education, from Hofstra University. I also received specific content area training in Sports Education Module Training.

Moreover, I obtained several diocesan certifications from different institutions. From the Institute for Religious & Pastoral Studies from C.C.C. in the Bronx , NY , I acquired a lay ecclesial minister certificate titled - Introduction to the Rite and Liturgy of the Word and Eucharist, in order to serve in ministry work as Ministros Extraordinarios de la Sagrada Communion/Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. I also attained a certificate from the Pastoral Institute in the Diocese of Brooklyn, NY titled - Theological Foundations of Ministry. 

I am a dedicated and skilled professional who will work earnestly &  diligently to advance the mission of Catholic Faith & Catholic Education toward developing tomorrow’s leaders in a Christ-centered environment and integrate physical literacy principles, ideals, and teaching concepts into the Educational environments.

In addition, it's my goal and objective to plan, develop, and execute a new progressive Health & Physical Education Curriculum program of physical activity for all grade levels which is designed to meet the School's educational goals and that meets the individual needs, interests, and abilities of students, and is inclusive of all students with cultural sensitivity and buddy system leadership and structure. 

My experience includes coordinating health fitness physical education teaching opportunities, in 2 Diocese. My career track includes working as Health Fitness Sports Physical Education Teacher in 7 Catholic Elementary Schools:* Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy * St.Francis Xavier Catholic Academy * Sacred Heart School,* St. Andrew Avellino, * Blessed Sacrament,* St. Fortunata, * St. Charles Borromeo from 2005 - 2012. 

Recently, I have worked and labored within the Archdiocese of Newark since 2016, and again within the Diocese of Brooklyn since 2017. In conjunction, I served as Lay Ecclesial Minister for the Hispanic Apostolate at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Midtown, Manhattan, NY in 2015.

My experience as Health Physical Education Teacher focused on developing Quality Team Field Day Planning & Field Day Practice Session Programs for Grades K-3, 4-7. I have created, managed, implemented field activities that maximized large and small group full TEAM Field Day Game challenge activities in competitions at Mc Clancy H.S. "TEAM Field Day Model Games" - Gr.2-8. 


My computer skills exhibit knowledge and ability with:  

• Typing Fast/Accurate typist; capacitated to converge metrics within (Grade Quick) & (Pages & MS Word)

• Word Processing: Capacitated to converge metrics within data entry software; for quantitative figures for products and services rendered. Email: Outlook & Gmail Boxes

• Presentations:(Microsoft PowerPoint & Keynote); Spreadsheets: (Excel, & Numbers): *Input Physical Fitness Test Data.


Andres Jaramillo 

Work Experience

HPE Teacher-Sports Coach
Sep 2017 - Jun 2018 Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy

PE Program Instructional Action Based Activities for Gr. PK-2 / Gr. 3-4 / Gr. 5-8 : 

Student learners/movers in Grades PK-2 where taught, educated, coached to develop aerobic capacity through 5-7 minute lap runs, exploratory movement skill manipulations, non-manipulations, and locomotor activities such as bear walks, crab walks, and sidestep hops, reverse walks, reverse step and hops, through obstacle course scenarios to develop transversing body mobilization skills . Student learners also participated in tag games, floor-hula hoop spikeball games, airball partner pass games, and partner catching and throwing games/challenges, soccer & basketball dribbling experiences, relay race ring tosses and bean bag corn tosses with partners and small groups. Student learners were taught tee ball skills such as baserunning, fielding, striking and batting segments.

Students in Grades 3-4 were taught, educated, and coached to develop aerobic capacity through 10 minute team line runs, basketball skills, matball-football skills, Newcomb bounce ball; volleyball skills - such as catching & throwing with tennis balls, volleyballs, & balloons. The gameplay experiences for volleyball were comprised of playing for the LIVE game ball off one bounce, bumping, setting & serving. In addition, they also learned/further developed their personal performance for wiffleball skills; baserunning, striking, fielding, and batting segments.

Students in Gr. 5-8 were taught and trained to develop their Main Components of Health Related Fitness: Aerobic capacity - cardiovascular endurance through the performance of running the indoor 1 Mile Run/Walk in the gym which is equivalent to running 22 Laps. Muscular Strength & Endurance through the performance of Push Ups, Curl Ups, Jump Roping. In addition, students participated in their Sports Education Seasons utilizing game sense skills while participating in the Invasion Sports Game of Basketball, & Net/Wall Game of Volleyball/Modified Volleyball.

PE Consultant & Character Ed Specialist
Oct 2016 - Jun 2018 AJHPE Institute NY

Health PE Teacher/Coach with 11+years of physical education project management expertise within elementary/middle schools; sports-coaching professional with teaching expertise, knowledge, experience, capacitated towards the integration of learning modules: TGFU, Sports Ed, Cross Fitness Circuit Curriculum, Cooperative-Team Building Activities/Games.

Health & Physical Education Instructional-Teaching: Physical Literacy Experiences: Framework: Health/Sports/Fitness/Games Program Module Activities.

Behavioral Character Ethics Education: learning goals/objectives toward - values, virtues, morality, vocational, life social justice skills, geared to Children, Youth, Young People, and Adults.

*Capacitated & prepared to teach students/learners individual & social critical thinking skill sets: 

1. Prepared to coordinate & execute the development and delivery of workshops for parents, civic groups, faith groups and other community organizations.
2. Prepared to develop and disperse character education marketing materials, i.e., posters, bookmarks, bumper stickers.
3. Prepared to coordinate/integrate activities with community groups involving TPSR and character education.
4. Prepared to Deliver motivational speeches to schools, meetings, and individual classes.
Deliver sample lessons for classroom teachers.
5. Prepared to keeps up to date with character education practices in counties/districts across the state and country.

Project Assistant & Community Affairs Liaison
Jul 2014 - Feb 2015 Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus

Maintained/Managed Office Committee Projects & Programs within 7 committees, by implementing Head Administrators Directives: 
1.) Committee for EMHC - Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion ( Worked in Spanish)
2.) Committee for Lectors - Proclaimers of the Liturgy of the Word (Worked in Spanish/English)
3.) Committee for the Altar Server Apostolate: Gr. 5-8 (Worked in English) 
4.) Committee for Family Catechesis/Sacramental Prep (Worked in English) 
5.) Committee-Comite -Ujieres y Ministros de Hospitalidad (Worked in English) 
6.) Committee-Comite for Encuentro de Compromiso de Parejas (E.C.P.) (Worked in Spanish)
7.) Committee-Comite - Santa Comunión a Los Confinados en Casa (Worked in Spanish/English)

Built relationships and trust through empathetic listening and respect. Worked as designated Community Affairs Programs Liaison, for 7 Committee Program Initiatives where there was the need for integration of Presentations/for Catechetical Program Development and Evaluations at the Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus in Manhattan, NY. 

Committed to maintaining valuable relationships with a variety of high profile vendors/clients throughout the city, ensuring clients/vendors/funders receive VIP treatment and continued positive communication workflow partnerships to spur new business development: growth and collaboration, and the achievement of program expansion.


MS in Physical Education
Jun 2001 - Dec 2002 Hofstra University
BA in Psychology
Sep 1996 - Jan 2001 St. John's University


Skills & Endorsements


Endorsed by Deacon Ronald Rizzuto, who is highly skilled at this

Volunteer Management

Endorsed by Christopher Bell, who is highly skilled at this

Curriculum Design

Endorsed by Deacon Ronald Rizzuto, who is highly skilled at this