Oct 06, 2022

Edgar Morgan

  • Operations Manager/Director
  • Dallas, TX, USA
Full time Customer Service General Business Health Care Management Professional Services Public Relations

Personal Summary

    I would like to express my interest in a director or senior leadership position within a Catholic health service organization. My business objective is to apply my 7+ years of healthcare management expertise in a Christ-centered culture of life. My mission is to lead health delivery systems that ensure human suffering is addressed and cared for with innovative solutions and continuous improvement. Healthcare and community settings have equipped me with a foundation for aligning stakeholders on intrinsic value, personal responsibility, and respecting the dignity of every human life, born and unborn.

     As an adept Administrative Fellow, I had a well-rounded background in supporting teams in process improvement and refined my proficiencies in contract management, physician relations, performance optimization, scope management, and budgeting. As a Practice Manager, I balanced prioritizing the operational needs of the full spectrum of peri-operative services, from the sterile instrument cabinet count to the OR “cut.” Additionally, I have a proven record in collaboration as a consistent multidisciplinary team leader. My previous roles have strengthened my abilities in critical thinking and integrating change control, including defining success and learn by doing. My education and professional positions are highlighted by many accomplishments in a wide range of settings, both in healthcare and the communities I serve. I am guided by principles of Apostolic exhortations, ownership, consistent follow-ups, and overcommunicating clarity.

I invite you to consider my following core values:

·    Integrity—Demonstrated by my efforts to align groups of people on the intrinsic value and the purpose of an organization. One result was my restructuring a system’s directors' meeting model with our Four Promises as the agenda sections.   

·    Excellence—Successfully led a collaborative hospital-based performance assessment with an interdisciplinary steering committee and executive sponsors. Improvement efforts included a one-year monthly task force and multi-million dollar savings.

·    Humility—Dedicated to delivering results across various departments, supported by humbling experiences of trial and error, such as implementing a contentious monthly operational reporting model. 

·    Making a Difference—Recognizing and leveraging the cultural strengths of every community I serve.  For instance, sensing a Ghanaian patient’s struggle to assess her pain in English, I implemented a protocol to conduct future therapy sessions with a translator. Therapy sessions improved considerably because the patient stated her progress in the comfort of her native language. 

·    Customer Focus—Collectively work with cross-functional internal and external teams to place the patient and their safety first in all critical project decisions.  Applying Lean and total quality management principles, I led a team that implemented a standard work checklist and clinical workflow for the paper chart breakdown process on all inpatient units. The A3 business case and PDCA cycle resulted in reducing waste, such as defaced charts, defective scanning, over-processing, and providers’ waiting on scanned documents.

I am committed to employing faithful Catholic Healthcare enterprises with the gifts and talents God has given me. I hope to ensure that my work ethic will speak for itself and that I will be transparent about deliverables, status reports, follow-ups, and other related efforts to communicate with the highest degree of excellence and professional standards. With faith, hope, and charity, I trust that working in a Christ-centered capacity will induce a broader impact on the culture of life. Since it is my daily objective to restore all things in Christ and be a witness for these United States, I feel qualified to pray, work and live out the mission of Christ’s healing ministry every day. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you and your colleagues my value-creating qualifications.