Jan 06, 2023

Taylor D Huber

  • Director of Faith Formation
  • Peoria, IL, USA
Full time Education: Middle/High School Ministry, Campus Ministry, Pastoral Mission Work Religious Education Research

Personal Summary

I am setting out to be of service to Jesus as he redeems the world. I hope to empower others to seek after God and find healing for their souls in the Gospel. Over the years I have served in various ministry-related occupations. From youth ministry, faith formation, religious education, and pastoral care in various settings; from pregnancy centers, homeless shelters, hospitals, and hospice settings. I come equipped not only with ample scripture and theological knowledge but also adequate emotional and spiritual insight to help guide the whole person toward the whole person of Christ.

I am a practicing Roman Catholic. My wife and I belong at St. Marks Parish in Peoria IL. Part of my journey into the Catholic Church began during my graduate studies education through a Reformed Protestant seminary. During my graduate studies and working at OSF Health Care as a Pastoral Caregiver my wife and I was drawn into the fullness of truth that is found in the Catholic Faith. It was through the witness of reading the Ancient Church Fathers and the living witness of the Catholic Church at OSF, that helped guide me and my spouse to the Catholic Faith. 

Work Experience

Director of Evangelization
Aug 2022 - Feb 2023 St.Vicnent de Paul Parish

Most recently I have been serving as the Director of Evangelization at a local parish of 1000 parishioners. My responsibilities pertaining to teaching RCIA and directing and teaching Religious Education for families who are not connected to the parish school. In addition, I oversee a grief ministry for those who have experienced tragedy. I have also launched the parish's first Bible Study program for men. I also am privileged to provide pastoral counsel and sick and home visits for parishioners given my background in Hospice.

Hospice Professional Pastoral Caregiver
Jul 2019 - Aug 2022 OSF Hospice

I ministered to roughly 80 patients/families on our service. As a hospice chaplain, I manage my fluctuating caseload and create orders to meet the social and spiritual needs of my patients. I use various traditions and theories in my pastoral care practice: namely Nonviolent Communication, the five stages of grief, and feelings as messengers. In addition to ministering to patients, I provided seminars at interdisciplinary meetings surrounding the impact of spiritual care and overall patient care. Another aspect of my role as a chaplain is to care for nurses and social workers and provide timely feedback around stressful situations

Clinical Pastoral Resident
Sep 2018 - Jul 2019 OSF St.Francis

As a Resident Chaplain in OSF ST. Francis’ CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) program I completed 4 Units of CPE. As part of the CPE Residency, I also learned clinical theory around Pastoral Care and conducted over 20 evaluations on my care approach. Each unit of CPE included 100 hours of classroom learning and 400 hours of clinical support. During the Residency, I served as a floor chaplain in the Medical Acute Care Units covering 100 plus patients in addition to other caregivers. I also worked days and overnight on-call shifts where I would attend all patient codes and deaths and Level I and II traumas. My primary role was to provide pastoral care to patients and help them discuss their grief and feelings. Also, I would lead debriefing sessions with doctors and nurses after stressful situations. I was privileged with space to understand my pain and personality so I can model the same process with patients.

Chaplain Intern
Mar 2018 - Aug 2018 Peoria Rescue Ministries

During the Summer of 2018, I was serving part-time at the Peoria Rescue Ministries. I served as a night shift supervisor. I was responsible for making sure we maintained a safe environment. One of my responsibilities was delivering the evening sermon for the men. I also served at the women’s pregnancy center during the week, where I would meet with gentlemen who accompanied expecting mothers who were receiving pregnancy tests or ultrasounds. Part of my role involved educating couples about the birthing process to help them understand the miracle of life. Furthermore, I conducted several parenting programs that assisted parents in making steps to become part of their child’s life again.

Site Director
May 2013 - Dec 2016 Youth for Christ

I had a dual role at YFC. One part of my role was to generate fundraising and community support with donors. Each year I would promote a banquet that would help support the possibility of service trips, along with summer camps. The other part of my role was to lead weekly youth events for 40-60 high schoolers and bi-weekly Bible Studies. During this time, I also spoke at several youth retreats. One notable project I helped organize was a racial reconciliation work/education trip that took rural and inner-city teens through key Civil Rights locations.

Pastoral Intern
Aug 2016 - Dec 2017 Grace Church

At Grace Church, I served as an intern youth pastor. I created multiple teaching programs that lasted seven weeks long. I predominately taught grades 5th-8th. As part of my teaching curriculum, I would email the parents the lesson plan prior to my delivery of the lesson. I would create booklets for the students so that they could engage in the lesson and by the end of each series the student would have a complete commentary on a specific book of the Bible or topic. My scope of teaching included studies through books of the Bible but also core doctrines of the faith, such as Baptism and the Trinity.


BA Communication/ Journalism (Strategic & Human)
Aug 2013 - May 2017 Eureka College
MA Biblical & Theological Studies with an emphasis in Konie Greek
Jan 2018 - Aug 2021 Western Seminary


Mentor - Rev. Dan Hoehne –- OSF St. Francis
(309) 253-0857- Daniel.A.Hoehne@osfhealthcare.org

CPE Supervisor and Educator - Rev. Dr. Joseph Yao-Kotay – ACPE Supervisor (309) 825-7104 – Yaokotay@gmail.com

Pastoral Care – Steven B. Drennan – OSF Pastoral Care (309) 624-5576 – Steven.B.Drennan@osfhealthcare.org

Hospice Administrator Manager – Michelle A. Jackson – OSF Home Health (309) 451-5925 – Michelle.A.Jackson@osfhealthcare.org

Parish Catholic Priest - Monsignor Brownsey - Diocese of Peoria St. Marks (309) 253 -6108 – Msgr.Brownsey@gmail.com

Seminary Professor - Tim Harmon Ph.D. – Western Seminary (206)304-0792 – tharmon@westernseminary.edu

College Professor Carson Webb Ph.D. Eureka College (706) 778-8500 x1106 - carson.webb@gmail.com