Jan 25, 2023

A. Apple White

  • Project or Program Manager
Full time Communications Human Resources Management Ministry, Campus Professional Services Training

Personal Summary

As a recent convert to the faith, I am seeking a passionately Catholic organization where I can grow in my own development and nurture a Christ-centered, Catholic life for others in return. 

I have had a distinctive professional journey in a wide range of intellectual pursuits, and I value each experience for the interpersonal and technical skills they engrained in me. The blessings of my career have led to a track record of success and a collection of cross-functional, transferable capabilities:

Strategy and Leadership: I am able to synthesize patterns within complex processes in order to articulate compelling, inspired, and relatable visions to a variety of stakeholders from operational to C-suite executive teams.

Learning: I am drawn to the process of learning across diverse subject matters and am energized by the deliberate journey toward exceptional competency.

Achieving: I am driven by the relentless need, as an individual and as a team member, to succeed by seizing opportunities and setting a pace and level of productivity that is challenging but attainable.

Arranging: I am able to align and, if necessary, re-align key drivers into the most productive configuration possible by remaining flexible yet effective. I am especially proficient at creating teams and leveraging synergies in dynamic situations.

The successes in my roles are the outcome of strong collaborative networks and relationship-based consensus building.  My approach to leadership is one that appreciates and fosters the God-given strengths of individuals by creating environments in which each person can flourish and contribute their very best.