Feb 09, 2023

John Garofalo

  • Consultant
  • St. Augustine, FL, USA
Full time Consultant

Personal Summary

As a parish business manager for over 20 years, I am confident that my skill set is valuable to the Church.  My extensive church management experience makes me uniquely qualified to assist clergy and lay staff in striving for excellence.

For the past 20 years I have managed America’s first parish, the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Augustine in St. Augustine, Florida.  I also have extensive experience in corporate roles, small business and my own company.  Each of these experiences have proven extremely beneficial in the management of one of the most complex parishes in America. 

Through some innovative approaches, I am proud to have positioned the parish to thrive long into the future.  Since starting here, we have tripled total revenue and eliminated all debt. 

I firmly believe I could be of great value to the right organization and help them achieve their mission.