Mar 10, 2023

Amy Gembara

  • Campus Ministry/Theology Teacher
  • Illinois, USA
Full time Education: Middle/High School Education: University/College Human Resources Ministry, Campus Ministry, Pastoral Mission Work

Personal Summary

I have eight years of ministerial and teaching experience within high school, collegiate, and parish settings.  My ministerial skills include team collaboration, retreat planning and direction, and forming students as retreat leaders.  My organizational skills include clear communication, coordinating retreat and service opportunities. One of my favorite aspects of ministering to youth and young adults is spiritual direction because it creates opportunity for a relationship with our Creator.  My personal life experiences, and CPE internship have prepared me to serve students and families in emergency situations as well. Additionally, I am open to learning new skills, and am adaptable to new and changing environments.


As a practicing Catholic, I believe in the dignity and value of life, embracing a multicultural and inclusive community focusing on the truth!