Apr 13, 2023

Olivia Eibes

  • Customer Relationship Managment
  • Eau Claire, WI, USA
Full time Communications Design Fundraising Nonprofit Public Relations Sales

Personal Summary

An enthusiastic Catholic creative and educator excited for new opportunities. A versatile professional that can adapt to a variety of work. Skilled in communication, relationship building, data analysis, customer service, budget management, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Committed to helping others learn and foster success through strategic thinking and education. Artistic acumen focused on the good, true, and beautiful. Energetic about sharing the Gospel and promoting the love of Christ.

Work Experience

Middle and High School Art Educator
Aug 2019 - School District of Eleva-Strum
  • Teach a guaranteed and viable curriculum to middle and high school students.
  • Promote art education in collaboration with other disciplines through arts integration experiences.
  • Expand students’ understanding of the world around them through focus of the elements and principles of art and design.
  • Introduce technology through design aesthetics particularly through Adobe platforms.
  • Analyze testing and formative assessment data to create the best practice for instruction.
  • Communicate directly and through social media to student families to relay information that benefits student outcomes.
  • Manage materials and budgets to create equal opportunity for learning.
  • Write, revise, and edit curriculum to reflect best practice of student understanding.
  • Pursue new practices through research and networking with fellow educators about new styles of education and techniques.
  • Develop relationships and rapport with students, parents, and fellow faculty.
  • Relay information to connect and further effortless communication between families and students.
Middle School Art Educator
Aug 2018 - May 2019 Altoona School District
  • Collaborated with mentor to communicate the beauty of the visual arts to middle school students through means of a curriculum focused on the elements and principles of design.
  • Exercised and grew classroom management skills in correspondence to the overarching values of the Altoona School District, namely: respect, responsibility, and safety.
  • Initiated curriculum writing and mapping to create a guaranteed and viable curriculum that enhanced rigor.
  • Created relationships and rapport with students, parents, and surrounding staff.


Bachelor of Science- Art Education
Aug 2015 - Dec 2018 University of Wisconsin- Stout