Jun 23, 2023

Edith Breburda D.V.M., PhD

  • Bioethics advisor
  • Phoenix AZ, Monterey CA
Freelancers Publishing / Journalism

Personal Summary

I lawfully entered the United States in 2001.
 I am a German Scientist and award-winning book
 author who studied Medicine and Veterinary Medicine and earned a Doctorate of Veterinary
 Medicine in 1995. In 1996, I completed my Ph.D. with highest honors. The methods I developed
 are now state of the art in orthopedic surgery.
 In February 2001, I came to the United States to work as a scientist with an internationally
 recognized expert in Biochemistry Dr. Hector DeLuca at UW Madison. I discovered a new decidual
 cell line in the non-human primate placenta, responsible for immune tolerance resulting in new
 insights into developmental biology, vaccine development, HIV treatment, organ transplantation
 and cancer research.
 Furthermore, I have published over 450 original scholarly articles on science and contemporary
 bioethical issues. In addition, I have published six popular science books and five children’s books.
 One was awarded as the third best children's book of USA and Canada of the year 2017.

Work Experience

Freelancing published author

There is virtually no one who possesses my extraordinary knowledge with such an interdisciplinary background. The given depth and breadth of my scientific knowledge and interdisciplinary background would permit me to be of significant service in these mentioned endeavors.


Oct 1983 - Nov 1996 Veterinary School, Medical School, University Gießen Germany