Guy Amisano, Jr.

  • General Counsel
  • Elmira, NY
  • Aug 16, 2023
Full time Legal/Law

Personal Summary

On a personal level, my faith is tremendously important to me and I try to keep it at the center of my life.  On a professional level, I would love another opportunity to manage all the legal matters for an organization, thinking strategically and collaborating at the highest levels of the organization, but also serving as an excellent technician, handling day-to-day responsibilities like contract drafting and negotiation and setting up legal processes.  It would be wonderful to combine my personal priorities with my professional interest by serving as general counsel for a committed Catholic organization.

Work Experience

General Counsel
Salient Corporation

Review, draft, and negotiate a full spectrum of agreements with parties in the public and private sectors, including software licensing, partner, vendor, contractor, nondisclosure, and HIPAA business associate agreements. Supervise outside counsel on compliance, immigration, employment law, litigation, intellectual property, corporate governance, and general business matters. Frequently collaborate with the information security officer, including in drafting documents related to HIPAA and GDPR.

§  Took care to undertake responsibilities in accordance with Catholic teaching, including engaging both the National Catholic Bioethics Center and outside counsel to consult on how to respond to state mandates involving concepts from gender theory, specifically how to draft policy language so that it avoided violation of Catholic teaching while minimizing risk to the company.

§  Dispensed regular legal direction on matters regarding contracts, contract administration, compliance, employment, intellectual property, and general business.

§  Reviewed thousands of contracts.

§  Constructed a robust program for the protection of an organization’s intellectual property by establishing a manual for contracting and license fulfillment, drafting and maintaining templates, negotiating contracts, administering protocols, and dispensing engaging training to communicate the protocols

§  Established processes for vendor contract reviews that integrated the information security officer and garnered approval from SOC-2 auditors.

§  Worked cross-functionally with personnel in sales, finance, HR, and information security.

§  Demonstrated subject matter expertise by counseling the Human Resources Department on employment law matters and developing employment-related policies.

§  Fortified the company’s business with the State of New York, which entailed drafting and negotiating contracts with various state agencies, counties, and private-sector partners.

§  Drafted an agreement with the New York State Department of Health that enhanced Salient’s contractual architecture with the State of New York and various private entities, generating $3.9M+ in license/support revenue.

§  Administered an information security policy related to protected data under HIPAA.

§  Attended all Board of Directors meetings, directed the preparation of meeting agendas, and prepared amendments to bylaws.


Juris Doctor
Ave Maria School of Law