Aug 29, 2023

Denise Carolina Pereira

  • Web Developer
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada
Full time Software Development

Personal Summary

I am a seasoned Lead Web Developer with a passion for crafting innovative solutions. My journey in the realm of web development has been marked not only by a commitment to excellence but also by a profound dedication to delivering exceptional user experiences while steadfastly upholding my faith in the Catholic Church.

🌐 Technical Proficiency 🌐

My expertise encompasses the utilization of cutting-edge technologies such as RxJS, Redux, and Angular, which I've skillfully employed to develop dynamic applications. Working collaboratively in small, agile teams, I ensure a deep understanding of project workflows before embarking on development.

🚀 Deployment and Testing Maestro 🚀

My role extends beyond development. I've mastered the creation of deployment scripts using NGINX and Jenkins, coupled with a strong focus on quality assurance. I write precise unit tests with Jasmine and Karma, and conduct comprehensive interface tests with Protractor, guaranteeing the robustness of our applications.

📈 Fintech Expertise 📈

One of my notable projects involved a fintech application for funds, portfolios, and investment management, where I honed my skills in creating, enhancing, and maintaining critical financial software. My faith and commitment to the Catholic Church have guided my values in developing ethical financial solutions.

🎨 UX/UI Standardization Advocate 🎨

I take pride in my role as an advocate for practice-wide UX/UI standards. My efforts include documenting design and interaction templates and style guides using Confluence, ensuring a consistent and intuitive user experience across all applications, visualizations, and reports.

🤝 Collaboration and Mentorship 🤝

I believe in the power of teamwork and mentorship. I actively collaborate with cross-functional teams, contributing to the implementation of new features and user experiences using a tech stack that includes HTML5, CSS3, Angular, and NgRx Store. My faith further strengthens my commitment to ethical collaboration and mentorship.

🗓️ Agile Enthusiast 🗓️

My days begin with stand-up meetings and retrospectives, where I ensure that our projects are on track, aligned with goals, and delivering value, in harmony with my Catholic values.

📊 Project Management and Version Control 📊

JIRA is my trusted ally for project planning, estimation, and deadline management. In addition, I employ the Version Control System (Git) to maintain code integrity and facilitate collaborative code reviews, in line with my ethical principles.

📱 Mobile Prototyping 📱

Beyond web development, I've ventured into mobile application prototyping using Bootstrap and NativeJS, focusing on cross-platform compatibility and responsive design, while remaining committed to my faith.

🌐 CI/CD Advocate 🌐

I'm a strong advocate for efficient deployment and testing. I've successfully implemented Jenkins (CI/CD) and NGINX to automate the deployment, build, and testing processes, enabling rapid and reliable application releases, in accordance with my ethical values.

I'm enthusiastic about connecting with fellow professionals who share not only a passion for innovation but also a commitment to ethical development in line with their faith. Let's drive innovation and create outstanding digital experiences together, guided by our shared values! 🌟

Work Experience

Lead Web Developer
Jan 2018 - Aug 2023 Atrexis

Proficiency in advanced technologies such as RxJS, Redux, and Angular, employed skillfully in the development of intricate fintech applications.

Dynamic participation in an agile team environment, marked by daily stand-up meetings and meticulous sprint planning, ensuring alignment with project objectives.

Demonstrated mastery in comprehending the intricate workflows of fintech applications, serving as a foundation for informed decision-making and proactive issue resolution.

Distinguished for the creation of bespoke deployment scripts utilizing NGINX and Jenkins, facilitating an exceptionally efficient and dependable Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline.

A strong commitment to quality assurance, prominently featuring the crafting of precise unit tests utilizing Jasmine and Karma, as well as the meticulous execution of interface tests employing Protractor for comprehensive end-to-end functionality validation.

An authoritative figure in the establishment and careful documentation of universal UX/UI standards, ensuring a harmonious and user-centric experience across all applications.

A dedicated mentor, guiding and nurturing new team members to foster their seamless integration into the development team and acclimation to company processes.

Proficient utilization of JIRA as a pivotal project management tool, adeptly managing tasks, tracking progress, and steadfastly adhering to project deadlines.

Profound expertise in version control through Git, facilitating agile and collaborative code tracking, sharing, and rigorous code reviews.

Pioneering work in the prototyping of mobile applications, employing Bootstrap and NativeJS to guarantee cross-platform compatibility and responsive interfaces.

The implementation of cutting-edge Jenkins (CI/CD) and NGINX technologies for the automation of deployment, build processes, and testing, culminating in swift and dependable application releases.

Full Stack Developer
Dec 2016 - Dec 2017 Spintech

Proficient in JavaScript ES5/ES6 and Angular, crafting responsive budget control web apps with cross-browser compatibility and Highcharts data visualization.

Experienced in diverse Ecommerce projects, leveraging C#.NET, XSTL, SQL, and Wordpress/Woocommerce, enhancing functionality with PHP custom functions.

Developed AngularJS 1.x web apps, enabling SMS communication via cloud platforms, fostering user engagement.

Collaborated closely with UI/UX teams, delivering intuitive software solutions.

Thrived independently in a fast-paced environment, known for meticulous attention to detail and effective team communication.

Key Skills: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Microsoft SQL Server, Primefaces, Agile Methodologies, Web Applications, AngularJS, Angular 4.

Junior System Analyst
Nov 2014 - Jul 2016 HST Cards

Web Application Development in Java/JSF, including HR ERP software and banking, credit cards, and ATM management.

Bug Fixing with the Bugzilla tool.

Proficiency in SVN for version control.

JBOSS server deployment and configuration.

Deadline-driven project management with a focus on quality.

UI/UX Design for custom user interfaces and site assets.

Consistent on-time and on-budget project delivery.

Frontend Development using HTML5, CSS3, and the Primefaces library.

Mentorship and successful team collaboration.


System Analisys
Feb 2012 - Jul 2014 DeVry Metrocamp