Oct 30, 2018

Nathan D. Zahalka

  • To serve!
  • Madison, WI, USA
Full time Communications Consultant Counseling Customer Service Education: Elementary Education: Middle/High School

Personal Summary

I have been searching for my niche/career as of late; went back to school, took some seasonal work, and unfortunately have wandered from the true path a bit. This man is looking to become closer to the Lord by serving and working for a Catholic institution. Mainstream and liberal politics seem to have infiltrated many businesses and I am looking to distance myself from these types of establishments while trying to close the distance between myself and God by being a dedicated worker and servant. All I need is an opportunity; I will NOT disappoint. My work history has given me many skills and abilities. Please allow me to put these skills and abilities to great use.

Thank you,

Truly, Nathan Zahalka (Nate)