Johnna Heasley

  • Ministry Director; Marketing & Communications Manager; Relationship & Community Manager
  • Montgomery, Texas or Remote!
  • Oct 26, 2023
Full time Communications Marketing Ministry, Campus Ministry, Pastoral Nonprofit Strategy-Planning

Personal Summary

I am a dynamic professional committed to driving positive transformation by seamlessly integrating education, ministry, and effective communication. I have a proven ability to lead faith-based programs, drive educational excellence, and orchestrate comprehensive communication strategies. I recognize the need for elevating brand identities, cultivating strong community relationships, and crafting impactful narratives the resonate deeply.

Work Experience

PR & Communications Director
Jan 2023 - Aug 2023 Global Leadership Network

Played a role in the development and enhancement of the brand identity, resulting in heightened mass awareness and strengthened relationships with the audience, broader public, media, and brand partners.

Conceptualized and executed comprehensive media strategies, crafted impactful messaging frameworks, and created compelling content for both internal and external communication initiatives.

Collaborated cross-functionally with the digital media, creative, and data analytics teams to drive projects aimed at effectively promoting the brand and its products.

Sourced, curated, and developed inspiring domestic and international impact stories that were shared with the broader network.

Planned, produced, and distributed press releases, effectively communicating critical information about the organization, events, and partnerships to a wide audience.

Partnered with Head of Marketing and Communications on deploying comprehensive communication plans, proactively identifying potential challenges and developing effective response messaging as needed to safeguard the organization’s reputation.

Collaborated with content team to cultivate and strengthen relationships with the faculty speakers, showcasing their talents across various platforms, including social media, event promotion campaigns, and live event engagement.

Supervised and managed personnel responsible for email and social media platforms, providing coaching and mentorship in their personal and professional development and ensuring optimal performance in their roles.

Director of Evangelization and Communication
Jun 2020 - Jan 2023 All Souls Catholic Parish

Deployed thorough communications strategies encompassing digital and print media to ensure timely distribution of information to the community.

Drafted, reviewed, and distributed weekly bulletins, emails, announcements, and urgent important updates to maintain transparent and effective communication channels.

Spearheaded the in-house creation, design, and copywriting of the weekly bulletin, achieving a visually appealing and informative publication that effectively engaged the congregation.

Crafted compelling advertisements that aligned with messaging to maximize outreach for events, retreats, and ministry meetings.

Maintained and updated the parish and school websites to ensure they remained current, user-friendly, and reflective of the organization's mission and activities.

Developed and executed detailed strategies for the parish’s social media presence, resulting in increased engagement and community interaction.

Oversaw the Adult Faith Formation program, providing instruction and mentorship to participants in the RCIA program and fostering an enriching learning experience through studies, classes, and reflection groups.

Oversaw Marriage and Baptism programs, offering guidance and assistance to parties seeking sacramental preparation.

Maintained meticulous paperwork and records to ensure compliance with sacramental requirements, streamlining administrative processes.

Partnered with the parish ministries and their leaders, providing valuable support and resources to enhance their mission and overall success.

Collaborated closely with Pastor and campus-wide team to craft and carry out a well-rounded 3-year strategy plan.

Identified opportunities for community outreach and devised innovative initiatives to enhance the parish's presence and impact beyond its immediate congregation.

Middle School Religion Teacher
Aug 2016 - May 2020 All Souls Catholic School

Improved and implemented engaging lesson plans in theology for sixth through eighth grade students, often tailoring instruction to accommodate students with varying learning styles, providing additional support and/or enrichment opportunities.

Taught a robust curriculum, integrating current events and primary source materials to make the Catholic faith relevant to students.

Maintained regular communication with students and parents through newsletters, emails, and conferences to ensure parties were informed and involved in the educational process.

Incorporated multimedia resources and interactive activities to enhance religious education, fostering a deeper understanding of complex concepts.

Designed and administered formative and summative assessments to evaluate student progress, leading to data-driven instructional adjustments.

Implemented project-based assessments, allowing students to demonstrate mastery through creative presentations and collaborative problem-solving.

Utilized flexible grouping strategies to promote peer collaboration and maximize individual growth.

Provided opportunities for students to personally encounter a relationship with Jesus Christ, such as yearly retreat days, bi-monthly Adoration visits, weekly opportunities for the Sacraments, and daily prayer partners.


Aug 2012 - May 2016 Benedictine College
New Evangelization & Catechesis
Aug 2012 - May 2016 Benedictine College