Nov 17, 2018


  • Management, Teaching or Training
  • Adrian, MI, USA
Full time Education: University/College Executive General Business Management Ministry, Campus Strategy-Planning

Personal Summary

I am Catholic and charismatic. The word of GOD and the Eucharist are the foundations of my faith. My faith constitute the living waters of my service to GOD through my profession. The Lord has blessed me abundantly with an advanced doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction, almost two decades of instructional/administrative/leadership experiences in Higher Education, and other opportunities for professional growth in the world of academia – mostly Catholic and/or Christian Universities and Colleges. None of it is mine for the keeping: it is to build the Kingdom of GOD here on earth. JESUS CHRIST as Lord and Savior is my deep spiritual and professional stance. I am seeking to grow within a Catholic/Christian environment – the work that we do means nothing unless it is done in union with GOD’s Will for, in the end, the Lord it is who builds the house. As Christians, we have a unique privilege through prayer and petition to be given to understand the Will of GOD for us and to act upon it. I wake up at 5:00 a.m. every day to spend 1 hour in prayer, I attend the holy Sacrifice of the Mass within the Catholic Church, I pray in tongues and praise the Lord in prayer meetings – for where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom, integrity as his children, and love. Regardless of Christian denominations, I like to center on the Love of Christ that should impel us to unity rather than division. We are all children of GOD.

Work Experience

Associate Professor
Jul 2017 - Ave Maria University
  • Associate Professor of Education and Education Department Chair, Ave Maria University, Ave Maria, Florida, August 2017 – 2018 – Currently on SABBATICAL.

Teaching and Advising:

  • Taught EDUC 201 (Educational Foundations), EDUC 240 (Classroom Management and Organization) and EDUC 203 (Career Path) in Fall 2017; EDUC 304 (Practicum), EDUC 400 (Student Teaching/Internship), EDUC 350 (ESOL Curriculum and Methods).
  • Advised all Education majors and minors – includes advising on program benchmark requirements and state-mandated test.
  • Maintained eight (8) office hours weekly.

Administrative Duties:

  • Served as Education Department Chair – responsible for:
    • Course scheduling, course design, course re-alignment with Florida Educator Accomplished Practices, course assessment, etc.
    • Internal and external reporting: state-mandated reports (eIPEP, APPR, Title II, etc.), Student Learning Outcomes, Strategic Planning, Budget Planning, etc.
    • Adjuncts supervision and evaluations
    • TK20 troubleshoot, Iobservation renewals, etc.
    • Practicum and internship placement coordination and supervision with Collier County Public Schools District and other local private and/or Catholic schools (Montessori, St. Ann’s Elementary School, Donahue Academy, etc.)
    • Obtained approval of Alpha Xiota Zi, a new Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi (International Honor Society in Education) and appointed chapter advisor
    • Initiated a groundbreaking teaching induction
    • Initiated outreach initiatives, student sponsorship at FACTE/FATE Conferences, mini-professional series, teacher-education scholarships, researched scholarships/grants opportunities, etc.

College and Community Service:

  • Served on ADA Compliance Committee
  • Served on ESL Advisory Committee (prepared substantive change proposal to be submitted to the Southern Accreditation of Colleges and Schools for ESL programming approval at Ave Maria University)
  • Book chapter submitted to Drs. Sharma and Lazar, Editors of “Rethinking 21st Century Diversity” (Book Chapter Title: A Phenomenology Approach to ESL Methods and Curriculum).
Graduate Director, Educational Leadership Programs
Jul 2013 - Jun 2016 Saint Joseph's University
  • Director, Educational Leadership Graduate Programs and Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) Core Leadership Team Member, Department of Educational Leadership, Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA, June 2013-June 2016.


  • Taught 6 credits yearly at the graduate level (Courses taught online and hybrid: Research for Educational Leader; Critical Contemporary Educational Issues; Law and American Education; Measurement and Evaluation of Instructional Outcomes, Educational Administration and Human Resources).

Advising and Administrative Duties:

  • Administered the Educational Leadership Graduate Programs to include the M.S. degree, principal certification, superintendent letter of eligibility, curriculum and Special Education supervisor certifications;
  • Developed new curriculum master’s degree programs based on the Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership courses and workshops.
  • Served as a project manager on the Education Unit’s Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) Core Leadership Team (Provided consulting directives to the Team, Associate Dean and Dean; Developed assessment implementational strategy/timeline; Liaised with and between the Departments of Educational Leadership, Special Education, Teacher Education and other university constituents to fulfil CAEP requirements; Assisted in responding to the Middle States Monitoring Report).
  • Recruited, mentored and evaluated educational leadership adjunct staff.
  • Advised students in the Educational Leadership programs and approved graduation audits.
  • Updated all educational leadership curricula, admission requirements, and other program information in graduate catalog, handbooks and related websites.
  • Developed a handbook inclusive of all policies, practices and procedures for all Educational Leadership programs;
  • Coordinated the Educational Leadership student admission process with the Director of Marketing and Communication of Graduate Arts and Sciences.
  • Represented the department at information and recruiting meetings and coordinated with the press staff in the design and composition of educational leadership brochures and other marketing materials.
  • Supervised the fieldwork component of Educational Leadership graduate programs and troubleshoot any field-related candidate concerns.

University and Community Service:

  • Served as a volunteer for the Council of Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) as a site reviewer and national reviewer for the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC) Specialized Professional Association (SPA).
Associate Professor, Department Chair and School Dean
Aug 2006 - May 2013 Virginia Union University
  • Associate Professor, Coordinator of Elementary Education Division, NCATE Coordinator, Department of Teacher Education, Syphax School of Education, Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies, Virginia Union University, Richmond, VA, 2009-2013.

Teaching and Advising:

  • Taught assigned load (24 credits) of scheduled courses for academic year (online, on-campus and hybrid formats).
  • Taught intensive alternative Licensure Weekend College Courses (alternative licensure program).
  • Courses (undergraduate) taught: Computers and Technology in Education; Foundations of Education; Fundamentals of Learning; Curriculum for Diverse Learners; Emergent Literacy and Developmental Reading; Adaptive Constructivist Teaching; Curriculum Design and Practice for Elementary Level.
  • Coordinated and supervised clinical practicum placements and school placements for all Elementary Education major and student teachers.
  • Maintained eight (8) office hours weekly.
  • Oversaw academic advising for all Elementary Education majors during orientation, academic advising month, one-on-one sessions, and pre-registration period; Screened teacher candidate applicants for Admission; Prepared Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) plan with all advisees (including athletes, non-traditional students, probationary, IEPs, etc…); Conducted Senior audits and graduation interviews.
  • Generated annual reports for submission to Division Chair and School Dean twice per semester.
  • Followed up with Elementary Education Alumni.
  • Reviewed and updated Elementary Education Curriculum Templates and Division’s promotional brochure yearly.

University and Community Service:

  • Served on the following University Committees: Recruitment and Retention Committee; Honors Committee; University Freshman Class Advisor and Mentor; Graduate Council; Learning Communities Committee; Teacher Education Council; Academic Banquet and Graduation Committee.
  • Led faculty for campus course internationalization.
  • Served as Foundress and Executive Task Force member of the newly created Center for the Study of the Urban Child.
  • Attended departmental, University, Chairs and Dean’s meetings.
  • Coordinated and facilitated departmental conferences (Teacher 2 Teacher: Technology and Teaching Effectiveness) and Assessment Support Programs for Commonwealth-mandated tests for educators (Praxis I, Praxis II, Reading for Virginia Educators (RVE), Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA).
  • Led faculty for the establishment of Learning Communities within the School.
  • Served as Faculty advisor for the Student Education Association (local branch of National Education Association, NEA);
  • Participated in Convocation, Commencement, School Conferences, Baccalaureate, Honors Day, Founders Day, and other professional conferences (NCATE, VACTE, AACTE).
  • Assisted the Office of Institutional Effectiveness with editing, revising and electronic submission of the SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) Institutional Report via TK-20 assessment and reporting tool; created and oversaw the SACS Accreditation website (Result: The University was re-accredited).
  • Appointed NCATE (National Accreditation for Teacher Education) Coordinator; Responsible for overall logistics and oversight of the NCATE Institutional Report, including redaction of standard narratives and collection of exhibits; created and oversaw the unit’s NCATE website via FrontPage; coordinated with Specialized Professional Associations (SPAs) and content area faculty to ensure recognition of program areas; Liaised with NCATE personnel and BOE Team and prepared for the NCATE visit; Liaised with the Virginia Department of Education to ensure programmatic alignment with state standards; Managed the NCATE budget; Scheduled and led NCATE working sessions for faculty and staff; Secured external consultants for review and assessment of the Institutional Report.
  • Liaised with School Districts officials, including superintendents, Schools Human Resources Office, school principals, clinical faculty, etc. to renew Memoranda of Agreement for field/clinical experience.


  • Submitted curricular proposals design for the implementation of: 1) A Charter School at Virginia Union University (* Not approved for lack of institutional funds); 2) A Master’s degree program in Curriculum and Instruction (Officially approved for implementation by Cabinet and Board of Trustees); 3) A Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts (Officially approved for implementation by Cabinet and Board of Trustees); 4) A Center for the Study of the Urban Child (Officially approved for implementation by Cabinet and Board of Trustees).
  • Translated a partnership proposal from English to French: A Bridge to Africa (Result: consolidation of partnership between the Republic of Gabon Embassy and Virginia Union University, 2011-2012).


  • Associate Professor and Dean, School of Undergraduate Studies, Virginia Union University, Richmond, VA, 2007-2009.


  • Taught assigned load (12 credits) of scheduled courses for academic year (online, on-campus and hybrid formats);
  • Maintained eight (8) office hours weekly.
  • Courses taught: Freshman Composition I and II (English 101 and 102).

Advising and Academic Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Developed and managed the implementation of School Strategic Plans and Institutional Effectiveness matrix.
  • Prepared, managed and reported on School budget; submitted quarterly Title III funds reports; Sought funding opportunities for the School.
  • Prepared School’s status reports and Freshman and Sophomore academic progress reports for presentations to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Cabinet and/ or Board Members.
  • Supervised the School’s Academic Empowerment Center (AEC), including Freshman Institute and Sophomore Experience Academic and Advising Programs, and Freshman Orientation Week.
  • Supervised the School’s Center for the Advancement of Academic Excellence (CAAE), including Freshman and Sophomore Tutorials, Academic Enrichment Series, Disability Services and Accommodations (IEPs), Placement tests, career counseling, and remedial classes.
  • Supervised the School’s Academic Support Services for Athlete and Transfer Students (ASSAT), including liaison with Athletics Department.
  • Supervised the School’s Honors Program, including developing admission criteria, program activity and evaluation, chair of the Honors Committee.
  • Supervised the School’s Honda All-Star Campus Challenge campus.
  • Coordinated Academic Enrichment Program for the Brighter Future Initiative (Recruitment partnerships with local public high schools in Richmond, VA, including community service and learning community pilot).
  • Evaluated and updated General Education Core Content and ensured that Major-specific curriculum Templates were aligned with national benchmarks; Generated course offering needs for Registrar’s based on projected enrollment statistics; Trained faculty of the Schools on online advising modules and “Early Alert” academic monitoring mechanism; Developed standardized syllabi templates for faculty use.
  • Served on the following University Committees: 1) SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) Compliance Certification sub-committees; General Education; 2) General Education Committee; 3) Recruitment, Retention and Enrollment Management Committee; 4) Orientation Committee.
  • Other duties: Supervised the School website content; Developed infrastructures, procedures and processes for the School (plan approved for implementation by Cabinet and the Board of Trustees); Responsible for Adjunct and staff recruitment, supervision and evaluation; Coordinated training sessions on quality customer service; Revised University Policies Handbook, Faculty Handbook and Academic Catalog; liaises with Deans of the Academic Schools, Title III Office, Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid Office, Admissions Office and office of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs; Piloted, coordinated and supervised a Summer Bridge Program.
  • Participated in Convocation, Commencement, School Conferences, Baccalaureate, Honors Day, Founders Day, and other professional conferences (NACADA, Colleges of Liberal Arts Conference).
ESL and French Instructor
Aug 2000 - May 2006 West Virginia University
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Teaching Assistant, Intensive English Program, Department of Foreign Languages, Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, West Virginia University, WV, 2001-2006.
  • Developed extra-curricular activities and provided academic advising and orientation for international ESL students
  • Coordinated a Conversation Partner Program and English Table to promote English communication skills for international students.
  • Developed theme-based portfolios, ESL teaching materials, and plans to be used in ESL Tutoring Program.
  • Coordinated training and orientation workshops for newly recruited ESL Graduate Teaching Assistants.
  • Taught ESL courses and special international programs (exchange programs with Japan).
  • Courses (undergraduate) taught: ESL grammar; ESL communication and vocabulary; TOEFL (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language) preparation.


  • Exchange Orientation leader and (ESL) tutor, Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA, August-October 2005.
  • Provided language tutoring to ESL students.
  • Participated in and/or led workshops on Coping with Culture Shock.
  • Provided academic advising and extra-curricular activities for ESL students.
  • Served as an Orientation leader (campus tour, orientation & welcome session for international students).


  • French Teaching Assistant, Department of World Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, West Virginia University, 2000-2001.
  • Courses (undergraduate and graduate) Taught: French 1-Beginners and French 4- Advanced.
  • Designed and implemented end-of-semester examinations.
  • Maintained five (5) office hours weekly.
  • Participated in Graduate Teaching Assistants meetings, evaluations, and professional workshops.
Director, Adult Continuous Education Centers
May 1996 - Jun 2000 SEFI
  • Instructor and Assistant Manager, Adult Continuous Education Center IRFP, Saint-Denis, Reunion Island, February 2000-June 2000.
  • Designed curriculum and preparatory courses to the French Baccalaureate (face-to-face and online).
  • Responsible for Employee management, supervision, professional development, and evaluation (50 staff members).
  • Scheduled employee professional development plans.
  • Served as Budget manager and reporter.
  • Served as Program coordinator (recruitment, outreach initiatives, Administration and curriculum design).
  • Taught adult-courses (24 credits load annually); Courses taught: Writing Methodology; Grammar; Mathematics; Career Education, and Vocational skills.
  • Coordinated and managed online/ distance learning unit, including creation of course content, online delivery methods and assessment of effectiveness.
  • Coordinated and liaised with the State Department for Adult Continuous Education to ensure alignment and implementation of State mandates and standards.


  • Instructor and Educational Specialist, Adult Continuous Education Center SEFI, Le Piton Saint-Rose, Reunion Island, September 1996- February 1997.
  • Trained prospective candidates to the Adult Continuous Education Certificate.
  • Designed and assessed teaching programs and materials (including online resources).
  • Oversaw Recruitment and Outreach initiatives via phone and travels.
  • Served as Coordinator of the Center’s external partnerships and career bridges.
  • Taught adult-courses (24 credits load annually); Courses taught: Leadership skills; Administration; Writing; Career Education, Foreign Languages, and Methodology.


Doctoral (Ed.D.)
Aug 2002 - May 2006 West Virginia University
Masters (TESOL)
Aug 2000 - May 2002 West Virginia University
Masters (English Literature, Linguistics, Civilization)
Aug 1996 - May 1998 Reunion Island