Dec 04, 2023

Madeleine Hill

  • Youth Minister
Full time Entry Level Internet/Social Media Ministry, Youth Mission Work

Personal Summary

My name is Madeleine Hill, I'm a 21 year old who's on fire for the Catholic faith. I am currently serving as a team leader for NET Ministries. This is my second year serving with them. I have also completed one year of college, focused on business management. 

I have strengths in leadership and charisma, public speaking and organizational skills, problem solving, working in high intensity situations, and event coordination. Most importantly, I have a desire to serve the youth in our Church. I'm a self-motivated individual who is proactive in achieving greatness in all that I do. 

I'm willing to work hard to build the Kingdom in any capacity. The earliest I will be able to start a new job is June of 2024, because my contract with NET lasts until May.

Work Experience

Aug 2022 - May 2024 NET Ministries

NET Ministries is a youth ministry that looks to challenge young Catholics, through relational ministry, to follow Christ and embrace a life of  community in the Church.  

Through NET I have been given the opportunity to learn and grow in ways that I would not have otherwise have been able to. I've received formation and training that has set me up for successful ministry that is discipleship focused. I have experienced ministry hands on, my communication skills with people of all ages have increased greatly, and I understand what it means to live a life centered around Christ, and how to invite others into that life. In my time with NET I've worked on both a retreat and discipleship ministry team.

NET has taught me how to work on a team where there is no other choice than to succeed. I've learned how to reconcile and how to have a successful co-leading relationship. Leading a team of people through ministry has allowed coaching experience, as well as growth in the skills of scheduling, organizing and management of a team and the life of our ministry.

I am accustomed to parish ministry through working alongside with the youth ministers and priests of two Catholic communities (both including 2 parishes and a Catholic school). I also had the opportunity to travel the country and work in all different parishes and youth ministries, putting on retreats for middle and high school aged youth every day for 8 months.

My understanding of the youth and their culture, as well as the needs that they have in the Church has been greatly impacted and developed by working with NET and I have been equipped with the tools and skills necessary to reach out and minister to the next generation of Catholics. 

Studio and Gallery Assisstant
Dec 2020 - Jul 2022 Vetro Glassblowing studios

Vetro Glassblowing Studios is a small business dedicated to creating fine glass art. 

In my time there I was trained first as a studio assistant. This was a high-intensity job that required high levels of multi-tasking and organization between the glassblowers and our customers. Customer service was our highest priority. This job required a lot of responsibility and the studio relied on my work to stay organized and running smoothly.

I was also trained as a gallery assistant,  where I was able to engage in sales, as well as management of the gallery environment. I made commission off the pieces I sold, and was able to learn the ways of retail in a highly professional environment.