Jan 02, 2024

Gina Yoryet Ashfield

  • Education, Teaching, Training,
  • Remote Business, Kenwood Crescent, London, Ontario, Canada
Part time Education: Middle/High School Education: University/College General Business Professional Services Religious Education Training

Personal Summary

I possess over twenty years of working with Catholic international students. My main role as a composition teacher and Standardized Test Teacher/Tutor, has also provided me with the opportunity to work as a Student Advisor throughout my career. Based on my multicultural background, I believe that I will excel in this position as an International Student Advisor if given the opportunity. In addition to teaching, and working with highly gifted Middle School and High School students, I am a self-motivated professional and a published author.

While living in different countries over the last 20 years, I have worked delivering AP English, Placement English Education in the following roles, Standardized Test Preparation such as IELTS (Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening), TOEFL (IBT & PBT), SAT, ACT, SSAT, Subject SAT courses and advanced composition. In addition, I have worked as an English Language and English for a Specific Purpose coach and Student Advisor.

This broad teaching experience working with international students has helped me to assist my international students to succeed academically when studying abroad.  In addition, I have previously created ESL content for FBO (Food & Beverage Ontario), through Mohawk College, as well as my own curriculum/s and written my own books in Spanish learning (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced). As a native speaker of English and Spanish, my goal is to ensure the effective and efficient use of the Spanish language in my unique approach to online learning.

I successfully completed a Bachelor’s in Adult Education at Brock University in July 2022. I also possess an International TEFL and TESOL Training Certificate, and a Spanish as a Foreign Language Certificate (FPELE) and have logged over 2,500 hours teaching AP English, advanced composition and Standardized Test teacher/tutor over the last twenty years.