Jan 02, 2024


  • Sql Developer
  • Brazil
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Personal Summary

I am 32 years old, married and I have two kids. I have worked with IT for ten years, eight of those years performing SQL Server scripts as stored procedures, jobs, triggers, functions, views, load, and maintenance of data. Also, I have some experience with .Net Core, building APIs integrated with SQL Server Objects.

I love working with integration and automation processes.

I have a high ability to learn new tools and concepts, and I am open to it.

I love helping others with creative and sustainable solutions.

I like working with teams and think technology needs to serve the people.

Another thing that I value is transparency and honesty and for this reason, I think is important to mention: I also work as a firefighter (because I love helping people), but I do not think this is a big deal because I work one day a work week during the day (Brazil timezone), so if we talk about flexible hours this fact is even minor because I can work earlier or later the US timezone on other days to complete the due hours;