Jan 03, 2024

Maria Alvarez

  • Marketing Specialist
  • Washington, USA
Full time Internet/Social Media Marketing Ministry, Young Adult Mission Work Research Social Work

Personal Summary

Hi! I am Maria Alvarez, a daughter, sister, and friend born in Nicaragua and living in the United States. I am passionate about multiple things in life, including the Theology of the Body, baking, nature, photography, the theology of the body, and much more! 

Most of my career has been focused on the digital marketing world, specifically on PPC (a type of marketing focused on paid ads across Google's and Microsoft's channels). However, I am currently open to different fields after having a deep longing to work in a Catholic faith-focused company. 

Thank you for checking out my profile! I'll be happy to connect with you!


From Francys Lopez

PPC Analyst

Working under Maria's leadership has been a privilege and a tremendous learning experience.

Maria has an extraordinary ability to foster a positive and collaborative work environment. Her support and encouragement empowered us to step out of our comfort zones. She has a knack for recognizing potential in her team members and then guiding them to reach their full capabilities.

Despite her busy schedule, Maria always made time for her team. She actively listened to our ideas, concerns, and feedback. She invested time in guiding us through challenges, sharing insights, and offering guidance.

Maria's leadership style is a blend of approachability and decisiveness. She not only leads by example but also ensures that every team member's voice is heard and valued. Her ability to manage multiple responsibilities without compromising the quality of her interactions with her team speaks about her dedication and organizational skills.

From Obed Reyes
Digital Marketing Expert - SEO

I had the pleasure of working alongside Maria Alvarez in the PPC department at White Shark Media, and I can confidently vouch for her outstanding capabilities as a Digital Marketing Manager. Maria's proficiency in PPC strategies is unparalleled, and she consistently impressed our team with her ability to deliver results while navigating the complexities of the digital marketing landscape.

Her analytical mindset combined with her creative approach allowed our campaigns to reach new heights and consistently exceed our clients' expectations. Beyond her professional acumen, Maria's collaborative spirit made her an invaluable asset to our team. She consistently went above and beyond to support her colleagues and foster a positive, solution-driven environment.

I consider myself fortunate to have worked with such a dedicated, innovative, and passionate professional.

If you have the opportunity to work with Maria or collaborate on a project, I wholeheartedly recommend seizing that chance. Her expertise, dedication, and team-first attitude are truly unmatched.