Jan 05, 2024

Alexander Ovcharenko

  • Master mariner,Chief officer(cargo officer), engineer of space control-monitorimg system, navigation and communication systems for space applications
  • Odessa Ukraine
Full time Management Mission Work Radio Telecommunications Transportation

Personal Summary

Engineer ground satellite control system;

Master Mariner/Deep Sea Captain.

Work Experience

Chief of shift command and tracking system
Mar 1981 - May 1993 Space Force USSR

Space flight management system “Kvant”. Chief of shift command and tracking system.

I accepted the direct participating of wireless control the orbital complex MIR

I accepted the direct participating in preparation of start of space shuttle Buran.

Fm:3-rd Mate to:Master Mariner
May 1993 - Aug 2021 International shipping

February 1981 –May 1993


Radio electronics mate of automatics ships of BLASSCO 1993 -1996.

3-rd officer of Merchant Marine 1996-1998

International Merchant Marine.1998-2021

2-nd officer of Merchant Marine 2000-2004

Chief Officer of Merchant Marine 2004-2008

Deep Sea Captain of Merchant Marine 2008.

Last several contracts I have worked in position Chief officer (cargo officer)container ships


Sep 1975 - Feb 1981 Moscow Aviation Institute,Faculty Flying Vehicles Radio Electronics
Deep Sea Captain
Mar 1992 - Jun 1996 Odessa National Maritime Academy,Faculty Navigation

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My main job.