Jan 25, 2024

David John

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  • New England, USA
Full time Business Development Communications Consultant Executive General Business Radio

Personal Summary

With a career marked by notable accomplishments as a leader in sales, fundraising, mass Media, telecommunication, communications, and technology, I have lived and worked in the US, Europe, Africa, and Latin America.   Skilled in driving public adoption of content-based services globally with a strong set of experiences I digital media, donor relations having raised $3M for conservative causes and $250M for business from investors.  I have a deep understanding of creating content and the mechanics of driving mass adoption of radio, TV, and music applications.

I have a God given lesson in humility and faith that allows me to do any task, no matter how small or junior in your organization.  It is most important to me to be working in and around my Catholic Faith. 

Trusting the Will of our Blessed Lord it is necessary to give you some background however for your consideration up front.   

Baptized Maronite and raised Roman Catholic, with a strong faith, I drifted from my faith in a marriage centered on chasing career goals and wealth after leaving the Army.  

In 2015, led by the inspiration of the Immaculata, and my Spiritual Director, a former Army Chaplain I returned to my focus on faith first even though I had to do this alone.

 I have high hopes of working in a job that is in the Catholic world. 

Yours in Christ through Mary

David John

PS: I am able to provide several character reference letters or contacts from Sister, Brothers, Priest, and a dozen colleagues familiar with my situation who worked with me for many years, all Catholic.