Mar 10, 2024

Leslie Taylor

  • HR Consulting, Talent Management, Organization Development (Global)
  • Vero Beach, FL, USA
Full time Business Development Consultant Human Resources Nonprofit Professional Services Strategy-Planning

Personal Summary

I am a native Californian who spent the last two decades living and working Japan and across Asia Pacific.  I repatriated back to the U.S. owing to the protracted Covid-19 lockdowns and their impact on my business.  I currently live in Vero Beach, Florida.

While in Japan, I worked as an international consultant.  My expertise is:  talent management (leadership development) and organization development.  I consulted to western and Japanese multinational corporations (Fortune 500) that were building global teams.  I also developed a substantial practice as an executive coach (C-level, senior leaders, pivotal talent, women leaders) and accomplished primary research in this area.

I hold both a B.A. degree (Humanities, Asian Studies) and an M.A. degree (Organization Management & Development).

I converted to Roman Catholicism in 2005 and was an active member of St. Ignatius Church and the Franciscan Chapel Center (both located in Tokyo).

I am looking for work opportunities in which I can use my experience and skills to support an organization that embraces Catholic values.  I am open to local opportunities, remote work, or relocation.