Apr 06, 2024

Michael Salazar

  • Software Developer
  • Dallas, TX, USA
Full time Information Technology

Personal Summary

I am a software development professional with a history of turning ideas into production systems. More than a decade ago, a former employer invited me for a beer after work. We discussed his need for a system to communicate with automation equipment he had remotely deployed in the Permian Basin. We sketched out some notes on pub napkins. A few months later we were collecting data, and today it hit me that we started receiving remote data in a production system 10 years this month.

After that project was acquired, the owner of a consulting company in Canada talked to me about his need to webify a system he had for generating environmental product declarations (EPDs). Within a few months, we had a working system. This led to an acquisition two years later.

I have been using C# since my first professional consulting engagement more than 20 years ago when a former manager hired me to join a team he was building to take Countrywide Home Loan's compensation process and create a web-based system.

Being a developer can be challenging but for me, the thrill of making something work never gets old. Over time the technology changes, but I have been using .NET, C#, and SQL Server for a long time. I have had to own the requirements, manage developers, manage hosting, and do production support to turn ideas into working systems.

Work Experience

Software Developer
Jun 2021 - Present WAP Sustainability

I built a web-based concrete LCA calculator. The tool creates Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) on demand in PDF format. The tool has been used to collect data for various industry studies. EPDs can be published to the cloud or Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3) database. The tool allows for benchmarking mixes against reference mixes. The calculator can also be accessed via an API.

C#, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework, SQL Server

Software Engineer/Director of IT
Feb 2015 - Feb 2024 Seldon Energy partners

Seldon Energy provides well, pit management, and pump jack control systems for off-grid and on-grid commercial applications focused in the Permian Basin. For water wells, we eliminate cavitation events and reduce pressure drop. For pumpjacks, we mitigate the gas interference production penalty

I supported all the IT functions of a small business. I built the web-based C# application taking the product from concept to deployment. For water wells, users get real-time information on well status, including current flow rates. They can also turn a well motor on or off via a simple web-based interface. For oil wells, the system dynamically manages pumpjack SPM in response to volatile gas interference. Users can monitor pump run time and pump-off mitigation.

Users have 24x7 access to their data and text alerts for critical system events.

it was a great experience to work in such a dynamic space and have the ability to respond rapidly to ever-changing conditions in the “real world”. The result was a system that gives users access to their information at a very detailed level. The system allows management of resources across a wide geographical area.