Apr 19, 2024

Brandon Hall

  • Chief, Executive, President, Vice President, Director, Manager
  • Hatfield, PA, USA
Full time Executive Health Care Nonprofit Sales

Personal Summary

My name is Brandon Hall, and I've dedicated the last 15 years to leading initiatives in the medical device sector, driving innovations that have touched thousands of lives. Throughout my career, I've not only witnessed the transformative power of healthcare but also the profound impact of integrating faith into the healing process. This dual insight has guided me to my true calling: enhancing mental fitness through the lens of faith, with the ultimate aim of not just living, but thriving, both in this life and beyond.

In today's fast-paced world, mental health concerns are escalating, yet the integration of spiritual well-being is often overlooked. Many seek solutions that resonate with their faith and values, yet find limited resources that holistically address mental fitness from a faith-based perspective.

Leveraging my extensive experience in healthcare, coupled with a deeply rooted Christian faith, I've developed a unique platform that bridges this gap. My platform offers comprehensive mental fitness training, infused with faith-based principles. The content, grounded in scientific rigor and spiritual depth, empowers individuals to nurture their mental health, guided by their faith.

I am being called to combine my experiences and amplify my impact, touching more lives and guiding them towards mental fitness enriched by faith. I would love to join an organization who shares a similar mission and calling to bring others closer to Christ through health improvement. Or partner with an organization where I can integrate my platform into their existing services to enhance their impact in the world. 

Work Experience

Territory Manager
Dec 2008 - Present Boston Scientific

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Jan 2020 - Present Logic Mind & Health

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Bachelor of Science, Biology
Lafayette College