Francis Carl Gestiada

  • Ministry of Youth and Young Adults
  • Detroit, MI, USA
  • Jun 13, 2024
Full time Ministry, Campus Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, Youth Nonprofit Religious Education

Work Experience

Director of Youth Ministry
Sep 2023 - Present St. Owen Catholic Church
  • ●  Develop and administer programs for high school-age teens, grades 9-12.

  • ●  Gather data on the needs, interests, attitudes, and beliefs of high school youth.

  • ●  Execute effective means for publicizing and promoting programs among the teens within the parish

    and community via social media, parish website, and bulletin.

  • ●  Serves as the Communications and Marketing officer of the ministry. Originally edit photos and

    creative media that will be on the ministry’s social media sites (daily), parish website, and bulletin (weekly).

    Software used: Adobe, Adobe Express, Adobe Photoshop, and Canva

  • ●  Coordinates retreats, outings, service projects, and annual Mission Trips.

  • ●  Travel for retreats and conferences, maintain a flexible schedule and be available evenings,

    weekends, and religious holidays.

  • ●  Lead prayer services and involve teens in parish worship activities.

  • ●  Operate within an established budget, monitor, and fully account for spending and receipts.

  • ●  Monitor adult volunteers for compliance with safe environment policies.

  • ●  Work closely with other team members to ensure youth ministry integrates with the other parish

    ministries and programs. This is especially important with the parish DRE and parish religious

    education program.

  • ●  Communicate and coordinate with other parish and diocesan organizations.

  • ●  Attend Youth Ministry trainings and meetings offered throughout the AOD.

  • ●  Recruit and train youth volunteers and leaders.

  • ●  Direct recruitment, training, coordination, evaluation, and spiritual development of volunteers

    (peers and adult leaders).

  • ●  Publicize and offer education programs and support systems for volunteers.

  • ●  Attend staff meetings, staff workshops/development, and Worship Commission Meetings.

  • ●  Provide support to co-workers and various parish projects as needed.

  • ●  Fundraise the annual budget worth $15,000 for the ministry’s fiscal year use.

  • ●  Utilize Alpha, LifeTeen, and YDisciple to successfully write monthly meeting topics catered to help

    the teens develop in areas of faith, service, and communion.

  • ●  Currently, 30 teens are registered, and there is a 75% attendance rate for every activity.


Sacred Theology
Jul 2023 - Present St. Joseph college of Maine